Submit an Offer to Supervise a Student

Thank you to everyone who has offered a Level 1 placement. We greatly appreciate your help.

A call for offers containing currently required placement dates and levels will be sent to clinical sites by email with a reminder approximately 3 months before that placement (see approximate placement schedule below). Offers are typically submitted via HSPnet. If sites are unable to enter their offers using HSPnet, they may use the form below. Please contact if you have any questions. 

Placement Offer Form:

Please enter one offer at a time and click the submit button. For an offer that has the capacity for multiple students, ensure that the number of students has been noted in the form. If an offer differs in the type of experience or preceptors, please submit a new form. 

Please note that for 2023, we are trialling a new Call for Offers process, and have opened the form to all placement levels. We will work on entering offers for upcoming placement blocks, and you should receive a response to your submitted offer approximately 1-2 months before the placement start date.

We are currently seeking more placement offers for our Level 2A and 2B placements! We hope that you will consider taking our students for these blocks.

We currently have 100/100 offers for Level 3B

(Aug 21, 2023 – Sep 22, 2023)


We currently have 65/120 offers for Level 2A

(Nov 6, 2023 – Dec 8, 2023)


We currently have 20/120 offers for Level 2B

(Feb 12, 2024 – Mar 15, 2024)