Welcome to Master of Physical Therapy Admissions

Thank you for your interest in our program.

Please take the time to thoroughly review our website and admissions requirements to ensure that you are eligible for the program and submit a complete application. We currently admit 140 students per year, and receive several hundred applications.

The MPT Program is based on a distributed model of education. Of the 140 students admitted annually, 80 attend the Vancouver cohort at the UBC Point Grey Campus, 20 students attend the MPT-North cohort in Prince George at the UNBC Campus, 20 students will attend the MPT-Fraser Valley cohort in Surrey, and 20 students will attend the MPT-Victoria cohort starting in 2024. Students also undertake 6 clinical placements throughout the program. These placements are in various settings throughout the province to give students an insight into the profession’s scope and breadth of clinical experience.

Applicants are not selected based on the institution that awarded their undergraduate degree, nor their undergraduate field of study. We encourage applicants from a variety of academic backgrounds to apply.

MPT Program Application Timeline at a Glance:

  • May 1 – November 1: Prerequisite courses are reviewed by request
  • October 1: The application period opens
  • December 15: Application submission deadline for international applicants
  • January 5: Application submission deadline for domestic applicants
  • January 10: Documentation and reference deadline for international applicant documents
  • January 15: Documentation and reference deadline for domestic applicant documents
  • January 16 – Mid-February: Applications are reviewed and evaluated
  • End of February: Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) invitations are sent via email to qualified applicants
  • March 8, 2024: Multiple Mini Interviews (online)
  • Mid to late-April: Successful interviewees receive conditional offers of admission

The Curriculum:

  • is evidence-based
  • utilizes an integrated, case-based approach to facilitate the acquisition of problem-solving, critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills
  • uses the Lifespan Approach
  • MPT Curricular Map 2019-2021 Cohort

Major Areas of Study Include:

  • Basic sciences
  • Clinical decision making
  • Clinical practice (musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiopulmonary-vascular)
  • Exercise and movement sciences
  • Rehabilitation research


  • State-of-art, videoconferencing-enabled plinth labs and lecture theatres
  • Student Break-out rooms for Clinical Practice and study
  • UBC’s Physiotherapy and Research Clinic offers clinical placements to MPT students
  • Student Lounge and Lockers