Clinical Educator Awards and Recognition

The Department of Physical Therapy relies heavily on physical therapists across the province to provide clinical education to Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) students. Taking on a student requires preparation, supervision, evaluation, motivation, patience and enthusiasm. This dedication to, and interest in, MPT students is greatly appreciated. We are honoured to have so many Physical Therapists supporting students through their placements and other educational opportunities.\

2024 UPDATE: All awards will have a February 15th 2024 submission deadline, and will be decided by the end of March 2024. Both draws (previously spring and fall) will shift to run simultaneously in March. Eligible draw nominees no longer need to apply – the department will use our records to automatically enter you into the appropriate draw level(s).

Lifetime Contribution to Clinical Education Awards >

This award recognizes a Clinical Faculty member for significant contributions made throughout their career to Clinical Education through the teaching of MPT Students on clinical placements, in the classroom, and/or in the community.

  Mentorship Recognition Award >

The annual Mentorship Recognition Award (previously Clinical Educator Award) is granted to clinicians for their outstanding work in the education, supervision, and mentorship of MPT students. Students nominate a clinical educator who provided an exceptional experience on any of their placements. 

Placement Engagement Draws>

The Clinical Educator Recognition program, in conjunction with the Physical Therapy Association of BC, awards prizes based on a offers-made system. Clinical educators are automatically entered at one of three awards tiers based on the number of offers made the previous year.


Please view our Clinical Education Frequently Asked Questions or contact us with any additional questions.