Karen van der Hoop and Karol Elliott, both Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine ’79 graduates are providing support to our students

Karen van der Hoop and Karol Elliott, both Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine ’79 graduates are providing support to our students

The Department of Physical Therapy relies on the support and dedication of alumni and friends who share in our commitment to excellence. Donating to the Department allows physical therapy professionals and scientists of the future to conduct research to improve care, treatment, and health delivery, and to educate and inspire the next generation of physical therapy professionals.

Your generous contributions, no matter the amount, make an enormous difference to the Department and our students. All gifts are deeply appreciated, 100% of your gift will be used to directly support Department of Physical Therapy initiatives geared toward maintaining its place as a leader in physical therapy education and research in Canada for aspiring and practicing physical therapists.

We have options for giving to the ongoing campaigns listed below but you can also contact the Head of the Department 604-822-7414 if you would like to discuss other options.

Ongoing campaigns

Support for Teaching and Research

The Physical Therapy and Research Clinic

In an effort to ameliorate the shortage of Physical Therapists in BC, the Department has undergone considerable growth over the last few years. Our community has generously supported these efforts with donations that have allowed us to acquire and renovate academic spaces.  The Department currently has the equipment needed to provide high-quality classroom education. 

In response to the burden the increased number of students has had on our current clinical placement sites, the Department opened The Physical Therapy and Research Clinic in September 2019. This clinic provides rich placement opportunities for the MPT students where they are involved in both clinical care of patients and research projects thereby fostering the provision of evidence-informed care to patient populations in the community. The clinic is located in the Friedman Building on campus (home of our department). The clinic is student-led, meaning physiotherapy students are responsible for conducting all appointments, under the supervision of a licensed physiotherapist.  

The clinic has experience and expertise in managing many conditions and treating a diverse client population with an emphasis on helping individuals who cannot afford typical physiotherapy rates and are not eligible for rehabilitation service through government-funded/hospital programs. Funding is needed to continue to pay for supervision so these students can apply their classroom knowledge in a clinical setting and help clients who would not otherwise have access to care. 

Support for Our Students

The UBC Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Bursary

Established in 1982

by the Rehabilitation Student Council led by Nancy Cho (President).  Prior to 1982, all rehabilitation science students were provided a government stipend for their work in the hospitals while on their placements. This helped students with the costs of their education.  This government stipend program was discontinued for allied health professions in 1982, and the bursary was founded in its place in order to assist students in financial need.  On the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Bursary, Nancy again provided leadership toward raising $30,000 to improve the support provided to students from this endowed bursary. Each year two students are awarded the bursary (One Masters of Physical Therapy and one Masters Occupational Therapy). Please make a gift to help support students in need.