MPT/PhD program


The Rehab Science Graduate Program (RHSC) and the Department of Physical Therapy are offering a dual degree program.

Students wishing to commence in September should review the application deadlines for the MPT and PhD programs individually.


The MPT/PhD program provides a new option for outstanding students with an interest in both clinical and research training relevant to physical therapy. The MPT/PhD program is designed to provide students flexibility in the completion of their concurrent clinical and research training, and to integrate their clinical and research learning, resulting in an accelerated completion time (approximately 5 years).

Students may choose from two options to complete the MPT/PhD program based on discussion with their research supervisor. Given the emphasis on clinical research in the program, though students may enter the MPT program initially, they will be expected to maintain progress towards their PhD requirements from the outset. Similarly, if students choose to enter the MPT program in Year 3, they would still be expected to maintain PhD progress for the final three years of the Dual Degree program.

Year of Study
Program of Study
Option 1 – Begins PhD first Option 2 – Begins MPT first
Year 1 PhD MPT 1
Year 2 PhD MPT 2
Year 3 MPT 1 MPT 3/PhD
Year 4 MPT 2 PhD
Year 5 MPT 3/PhD PhD

Note: The MPT program is a fixed program at 26 months in length. Therefore, the MPT 3 components in Year 5 or 3 (Option 1 or 2 above) would be completed by November of that calendar year.

Upon completion of the program (expected to take approximately 5 years), students will receive both an MPT degree and a PhD degree.

Admission requirements

To be considered for admission to MPT/PhD program, prospective students must meet the requirements for both the MPT program and PhD program as if they were applying to each program separately. Briefly, this includes:

  • Completion of a four-year undergraduate degree with a minimum 80% average in the previous two years of study
  • Previous research experience. This includes either: 1) completion of a research-based Masters degree prior to commencing the program, or 2) formal experience in a research setting that has produced a co-authored paper in a peer-reviewed journal relevant to physical therapy research. Note that preference will be given to students who have received research training as part of a Masters degree.
  • A minimum of 70 hours of volunteer or paid work which includes direct contact involving interaction with persons with cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities at no more than two facilities
  • Identification of a Physical Therapy faculty member who will supervise the research components of the MPT/PhD program. For a list of eligible faculty members, click here.

For a complete list of requirements, please visit the following web pages:
MPT Admission requirements
PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Admission requirements

Application process

1) Complete the online application to the MPT program. For a list of instructions, click here.

2) Email the MPT Student Services Officer to register your intent on applying to the MPT/PhD program.

3) Complete the online application to the Rehabilitation Sciences Research (RHSC) PhD program. For a list of instructions, click here.

Note that some of the supplementary material required for RHSC PhD program is the same as the MPT program. Each application must have all supporting material submitted with it (e.g., letters of reference, transcripts). You cannot submit one set of supporting materials for both applications.

4) Email the RHSC Graduate Program Research Assistant to register your intent on applying to the MPT/PhD program and confirm your identified research supervisor.

5) Email the Chair of the MPT/PhD program to register your intent on applying to the MPT/PhD program and attach the following documentation:

  1.  a one-page summary describing your research experiences
  2. a curriculum vitae outlining education and research credentials. This can also include honours and awards, volunteer experience, as well as a list of published papers and scientific presentations
  3. a brief overview of the research you are interested in conducting during your doctoral studies (250-word maximum)

If you have any further admissions-related questions that are not currently answered by our website, you are welcome to direct them to


As part of the MPT admissions process, all potential applicants must undergo the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs), which are typically held in early March each year. The selection of interview candidates is based on the GPA calculation.

A limited number of applicants interested in the MPT/PhD program will undergo an additional panel interview to be scheduled around the MMIs. The selection of interview candidates is based on academic and research qualifications.

Note that applicants not accepted into the MPT/PhD program may still enroll into the MPT or PhD program alone if offered a space in either program.