Our team in the Department of Physical Therapy is engaged in innovative research, education, and study. Learn more about our world-renowned faculty, clinical faculty, and staff.


Faculty members are essential to the education of outstanding graduates who will advance the physical therapy profession. They are responsible for excellence in education and research in the Department of Physical Therapy.

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Department Head

  • Alex Scott

    Alex Scott

    Expertise: Clinical and cellular studies of tendinopathy

Associate Head

  • Alison Greig

    Alison Greig

    Expertise: Educational Scholarship and education for internationally trained clinicians

  • Angelina Woof

    Angelina Woof

    Expertise: Pediatric Rehabilitation and Clinical Education

  • Kristin Campbell

    Kristin Campbell

    Expertise: The role of physical activity in the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic disease, particularly cancer


  • Janice Eng

    Janice Eng

    Expertise: Innovative solutions to optimize the outcomes of rehabilitation and improve the lives of those with Stroke and Spinal Cord injury

  • Jordan Guenette

    Jordan Guenette

    Expertise: Physiological factors limiting exercise tolerance across the spectrum of health and chronic lung disease

  • Lara Boyd

    Lara Boyd

    Expertise: Brain Behaviour, Plastisity and Motor Learning

  • Linda Li

    Linda Li

    Expertise: Development and evaluation of knowledge translation strategies to improve the care and quality of life of people living with arthritis.

  • Michael Hunt

    Michael Hunt

    Expertise: Clinical biomechanics; rehabilitation and conservative treatment for musculoskeletal impairments, particularly arthritis

  • Teresa Liu-Ambrose

    Teresa Liu-Ambrose

    Expertise: Healthy Aging, Cognition and neural plasticity, Mobility

Associate Professor

  • Jackie Whittaker

    Jackie Whittaker

    Expertise: Prevention and treatment of sport-related knee injuries and osteoarthritis

  • Naznin Virji-Babul

    Naznin Virji-Babul

    Expertise: Patterns of brain activation in children and adults with developmental disabilities and concussion

  • Pat Camp

    Pat Camp

    Expertise: Pulmonary rehabilitation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, physical activity

Associate Professor of Teaching

  • Robin Roots

    Robin Roots

    Expertise: Educational Scholarship, Rural and remote clinical practice, Indigenous health

Assistant Professor

Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Taru Manyanga

    Taru Manyanga

    Expertise: Assessment of movement behaviors and health indicators (e.g., body composition) in healthy or clinical populations among children and adolescents.

Assistant Professor of Teaching

  • Amy Ellis

    Amy Ellis

    Expertise: Clinical Education and Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy with a special interest in Critical Care

  • David Anekwe

    David Anekwe

    Assistant Professor of Teaching & MPT-North Academic Site Lead

  • Roland Fletcher

    Roland Fletcher

    Expertise: Pain Science, Complex Interdisciplinary Pain Management, Post-Concussion Dizziness & Vestibular Disorders


Emeriti Professor

  • Elizabeth Dean

    Elizabeth Dean

    Expertise: Knowledge translation related to healthy lifestyles with attention to culture to maximize individuals’ health overall and conventional physical therapy outcomes.

  • Susan Harris

    Susan Harris

    Expertise: Early diagnosis of movement disorders/motor delay in infants. Safe levels of exercise for women living with breast cancer.

Associate Professor Emeriti

  • Donna MacIntyre

    Donna MacIntyre

    Expertise: Muscle physiology; inflammation in muscle, repair and recovery.

  • Lesley A Bainbridge

    Lesley A Bainbridge

    Expertise: Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

Associate Professor of Teaching Emeriti

  • Darlene Redenbach

    Darlene Redenbach

    Expertise: Cell Structure, Gross- and Neuro- Anatomy, Instructional Skills, Online Course Design, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

  • Sue Murphy

    Sue Murphy

    Expertise: Educational Scholarship and Professionalism

Clinical Faculty

Clinical Faculty play an important role in the Department of Physical Therapy. Through their contributions to the educational and research programs of the department, and through their leadership within their respective organizations, they advance the profession and serve as role models and mentors for physical therapy students.

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Clinical Professors

Anthony, Joseph
Everett, Bethan
Hoens, Alison

Clinical Associate Professors

Bellows, Doria
Cho, Nancy
Dawes, Diana
Duggan, Maureen
Dumont, Tyler
Feehan, Lynne
Gee, Hyman
Graf, Michelle
Juricic, Maria
Kennedy, Carolyn
Lieblich, Pat
McIlwaine, Maggie
Miller, Stacy
Pace, Angela
Pearson, Neil
Richardson, Judith
Rizzardo, Marc
Singh, Chiara
Westby, Marie
Yoneda, Gabriele

Clinical Assistant Professors

Behr, Jacqueline
Bennett, Jami
Betinol, Edwin
Brittain, Victor
Brolin, Scott
Cave, Stacey Anne
Esculier, J-F
Evanchu Hilderman, Courtney
Ezzat, Allison
Faulkner, Clare
Fedorkiw, Terry
Foster, Kim
Goyert, Peter
Idle, Melissa
Jacobs, Michelle
Labandelo, Michelle
Langford, Dolores
Louie, Dennis Riley
Lu, Nu
Maedel, Linda
Napier, Chris
Naranjo, Eduardo
Ng, Corinna
Pearson, Neil
Qu, Freeman
Roberts, Kerrie
Rushton, Jude
Shook, Rebecca
Singh, Chiara
Thibodeau (Fuchko), Keri
van der Hoop, Karen
Van Hooft, Colleen
Woo, Ellen
Yeung, Rebecca

Clinical Instructors

Acerra, Nicole
Akinsiku, Oladapo
Barredo, Jasmyne
Bateman, William
Basi, Cassandra
Berson, Ayla Aderem
Bertoni, Maria
Brown, Victoria
Buddingh Smith, Sarah
Budzinski, Colleen
Burns, Jane
Callaghan, Katherine
Cardinal, Mutann
Carkner, Jonathon
Chan, Andrea
Chan, Elaine
Chivilo, Marc
Coates, Gillian
Colistro, Regina
Conrad, Christina
Cooper, Julian
Couture, Kathy
Cunningham, Krista
Daoust, Regan
Davidson, Hanan
De Marchi, Lawren
de Ruyter, Catrien
DuBiel, Caitlin
Echeverri, Silvana
Edmison, Michelle
Erickson, Natashia
Etheridge, Victoria
Feige, Victoria
Feldmann, Martina
Field, Ronda
Fisher, Hannah
Gagne, Erin
Galway, Gina
Garrett, Katherine
Giesbrecht, Ronald
Gilfeather-Baily, Niamh
Gliga, Andrew
Handford, Midori
Hannella, Brooke
Hogan, Jenny
Hurtubise, Karen
Janzen, Lori
Jawl, Bradley
Johnston, Susanna
Joshi, Shubham
Keep, Heather
Kelly, Bryce
Kennedy, Sandy
Koehn, Joshua
Kuo, Gail
Lam, Midori
Lassota, Fiona
Le Cornu Levett, Catherine
Leclerc, Anne
Levett, Margaret
Longhurst, Jill
Lowcock, Janet
Lu, Nu
Lynd, Patricia-Jean
Magnan, Lise
Marchlewitz, Wendy
McLennan, Katelin
Megens, Antoinette
Mikszan, Gosia
Morrison, Lauren
Muller, Matthias
O’Connor, Christina
Papachristoforou, Natasha
Parker, Pamela
Peabody, Jacqueline
Richmond, Melissa
Rocca, Angela
Russell, Cassandra
Sauter, Sophia
Schill, Sabine
Schwab, Lesley
Secrest, Ashley
Siqueira, Andre
Soer, Melanie
Solimano, Veronica
Solyom, Julia
Soo, Andrea
Squire, Sandra
Styles, Kari
Swain, Elizabeth
Tam, Keith
Toyata, Fabiola
Tugwell, Karen
Turner, Bobbi
Urbina, Maylinda
Van Kleeck, Sandra
Varona, Fabiola
Wallin, Marina
Watt, Carolyn
White, Angela
Wilson, Dan
Wong, Carman
Wong, Gabriel
Yoell, Catherine
Young, Steve

Support staff are the cornerstone of the administrative departmental operations. They provide administrative support to faculty members, students and the program.

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NameTitleContact Information
Afton ZralMPT-N, Program Assistant - Classroom Support250-960-5113 (located at UNBC)
Amy SzetoSocial Media & Communications
Ana FerrazACE Operations
Andrea HardakerAdministration
Becky HarnettMPT-N/MOT-N Administrative Lead250-960-5444 (located at UNBC)
Bowen LiFinance
Brenda WesselResearch Grants
Carissa DyckAdministration
Daniella PietrocarloSenior MPT Program
Dorothee LeesingEducational Technology & Materials
Elizabeth LeeSenior Program Assistant - Academic
Emma GallagherPTRC
Gary KujawinskiStudent Services

Louis-Alexandre DouesnardAdmissions & Recruitment
Maria YapHR Clerk (MPT-FV expansion support)
Max DannenbergSenior Program Assistant - Clinical
Mehrnoosh BakhshayeshSenior Program Assistant - Clinical
Patrick BrophyAssistant to the Department
Pedro Grossi
Academic Education Operations Manager604-827-5953
Classroom Support:
Room Bookings:
Rebecca LevasseurMPT-N Program Assistant - Student (located at UNBC)
Sarah SchwartzClinical Education Operations
Shannon FieldIndigenous Initiatives
Stacy WellsCommunications
Sunny ShuStudent Services