Non-UBC Student Placements

All physical therapy clinical placements within BC are coordinated through the UBC Department of Physical Therapy and require registration with the College of Physical Therapists of BC. Placements for students from other Canadian or international universities generally occur at Student-led Clinics, typically during the late stages of the student’s program. Students will gain interprofessional exposure as well as have the opportunity for peer learning from other students. Caseloads will vary but have a strong emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal issues. Placements at private clinics may be considered for non-UBC students at select sites if a Student-Led Clinic is not available. Note also that English is the primary language of operation at clinics in BC.

UBC does not support requests for shadow or observational placements for students from outside of BC or from international settings.

Please click the below headings for more information on how students can apply for a placement in BC from out-of-province, or from international, programs.

Students currently enrolled in physical therapy programs at other Canadian universities may request clinical placements in British Columbia through the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education at their home universities. Placement requests from non-UBC students submitted via clinical settings will not be considered.

The provincial and national requirements for administration of out-of-province placements are complex, requiring for example, health and safety, insurance, and registration with the BC College of Physical Therapists. Students interested in pursuing a clinical placement, are encouraged to email UBC for details on the application process.

Please note that arrangements for clinical placements for OOP students often require several months to a full year to coordinate.

Students who are enrolled in a physical therapy program outside of Canada may request a clinical placement in British Columbia by submitting the application documents outlined here. Submit application documents and/or any questions to

Opportunities for clinical placements in British Columbia are limited and it is not guaranteed that a suitable placement will be available during the desired time. Placement requests from non-UBC students submitted via clinical settings will not be considered.

A fee of $150.00 (Canadian Dollars) will be required to begin searching for a suitable clinical placement option (pending space availability in the appropriate year and approval from the department to move forward with the request). The fee is subject to change. The fee is non-refundable if a student cancels a placement for any reason once a placement has been confirmed.