Recognition Draws

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The Clinical Educator Recognition Draw recognizes the contributions of practicing clinicians who offer to supervise UBC Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) students on placement. Mentoring students and providing offers takes time, energy and commitment, all of which are highly appreciated!

Draws for six cash prizes (two per tier) are held once annually, in Spring for the following prize amounts:

  • Tier 3: $363 (two winners)
  • Tier 2: $575 (two winners)
  • Tier 1: $1,210 plus a one-year PABC membership (two winners). Membership dues are paid courtesy of PABC (CPA membership required).

Prize draws and honorariums are taxable benefits.


Clinical Educators are automatically entered into draws at the level for which they are eligible based on offers made to supervise students on placement in the previous calendar year.

Minimum offer requirements per category are: 

  • Tier 3: 1-2 offers in the previous calendar year
  • Tier 2: 3-4 offers in the previous calendar year
  • Tier 1: 5+ offers in the previous calendar year

Clinical Educators may only win a specific tier once per cycle, but will be entered at all tiers for which they are eligible. If an eligible educator is drawn in more than one tier, they will receive the higher tier prize and the lower tier will be drawn again.


No application is necessary! The Clinical Education team will review all offers and alert all eligible entrants of their eligibility and the tier(s) they are eligible for by the end of February. Please connect with us at by March 15th if you believe you should have been eligible and did not receive confirmation.

Prize Draw Winners Archive

Spring 2024 Draw winners:

  • Tier 1: Krishna Govardhanam (University Hospital of Northern British Columbia) & Aenherma Saquing (Lion's Gate Hospital)

  • Tier 2: Naoko Fukimaki (Vancouver General Hospital) & Claude Beaudry (Richmond Hospital)

  • Tier 3: April Graham (CBI Health) & Christopher Brake (Fresh Tracks Physiotherapy)

Spring 2023 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Marc Chivilo (Lifemark OT Consulting)
  • Sapphire: Melanie Soer (Mary Pack Arthritis Program, Vancouver – VCH)
  • Royal: Priya Dajee (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, Vancouver)

October 2022 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Rosie Bergen (Holy Family Hospital)
  • Sapphire: Shubham Joshi (Pitt Meadows Physiotherapy)
  • Royal: Brooke Hannela (Surrey Memorial Hospital)

Spring 2022 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Jeshua Evans (Kelowna General Hospital)
  • Sapphire: Elizabeth Ballard (East Kootenay Regional Hospital)
  • Royal: Susanna Johnston (St. Paul’s Hospital)

October 2021 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Anusha Shetty, Surrey Memorial Hospital (Surrey)
  • Sapphire: Fiona Lassota, BC Centre for Ability (Vancouver)
  • Royal: Simone Gruenig, Vancouver Coastal Health and UBC (Vancouver)

Spring 2021 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Nicole Hart, Active Recovery Physiotherapy & Hand Clinic (Victoria)
  • Sapphire: Tamara Bandet, University Hospital Of Northern British Columbia (Prince George)
  • Royal: Megan Bond, Vancouver General Hospital (Vancouver)

October 2020 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Laura Peterson, Clayton Heights 188 St. Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic (Surrey)
  • Sapphire: Shawndelle Pocha, East Kootenay Regional Hospital (Cranbrook)
  • Royal: Angela White, Holy Family Hospital (Vancouver)

March 2020 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Shannon Ryley, Mary Pack Arthritis Program - Cranbrook site
  • Sapphire: Christine Hoffmann, Eagle Ridge Hospital
  • Royal: Kayla To, Queen's Park Care Center

October 2019 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Victoria Thornton, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children (Vancouver)
  • Sapphire: Patricia Leard, St. Paul's Hospital/Youville Residence (Vancouver)
  • Royal: Emma O'Shea, OASIS (Vancouver)

March 2019 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Karen Ruckenstein, Ridge Meadows Hospital (Maple Ridge)
  • Sapphire: Chelsea Digney, Holy Family Hospital (Vancouver)
  • Royal: Lisa Kim, St. Paul's Hospital (Vancouver)

October 2018 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Jodi Dool, Blackbird Physiotherapy: Hand to Shoulder Center (Nelson)
  • Sapphire: Katarina Krc, University Hospital of Northern BC (Prince George)
  • Royal: Erin Gagne, GR Baker Hospital (Quesnel)

March 2018 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Paula Portnoi, Lifemark (Vancouver)
  • Sapphire: Chris Franks, Whitecaps FC Residency Program (Vancouver)
  • Royal: Freeman Qu, Bella Coola General Hospital

October 2017 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Inge Tholen, On Track Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Powell River)
  • Sapphire: Maria Bertoni, Vancouver General Hospital
  • Royal: Gillian Coates, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre (Vancouver)

March 2017 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Tyler LeGear, CBI Health Centre (Duncan)
  • Sapphire: Catrien de Ruyter, Invermere & District Hospital
  • Royal: Colleen Budzinski, Holy Family Hospital and Mount Saint Joseph Hospitals (Vancouver)

March 2016 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Ricardina Jara, Ponderosa Lodge (Kamloops)
  • Sapphire: Pamela McClelland, Surrey Memorial Hospital
  • Royal: Angela Pace, Kitimat Hospital

October 2016 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Kristie Norquay, Element Therapeutics (Golden)
  • Sapphire: Lynn Bergman, Child Development Centre, Prince George and District
  • Royal: Amanda Arione, Peace Arch Hospital (Delta)

March 2015 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Cassandra Basi, Newton Physiotherapy
  • Sapphire: Jill Longhurst, Vancouver Coastal Health - VGH & George Pearson Centre
  • Royal: Carolyn Shaw, Parksville Physiotherapy Clinic

October 2015 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Carolyn Watt, Kitimat Child Development Centre/Kitimat Hospital and Health Centre
  • Sapphire: Diana Krasteva, Lions Gate Hospital (North Vancouver)
  • Royal: Marc Rizzardo, Metrotown Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic (Burnaby)

March 2014 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Scott Okrainetz, Royal Jubilee Hospital (Victoria)
  • Sapphire: Brenda McKnight, Providence Health Care - Holy Family Hospital (Vancouver)
  • Royal: Keith Tam, Providence Health Care - Holy Family Hospital (Vancouver)

October 2014 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: No entries
  • Sapphire: Darren Hagel, Royal Jubilee Hospital (Victoria)
  • Royal: Fiona Hughes, Victoria General Hospital

March 2013 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Clare Faulkner, Island Hand Therapy (Sidney & Langord)
  • Sapphire: Allanah Howard, Oceanside Physio & Work Conditioning Centre (Parksville)
  • Royal: Anna Ogden (Moore), Surrey Memorial Hospital

October 2013 Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Anne Leclerc, Providence Health Care: Youville, Langara, Brock Fahrni sites (Vancouver)
  • Sapphire: No entries
  • Royal: Rebecca Shook, Holy Family Hospital (Vancouver)

October 2012 Inaugural Draw winners:

  • Cobalt: Amanda Ng, Mary Pack Arthritis Centre (Vancouver)
  • Sapphire: Sandy Wong, Holy Family Residence (Vancouver)
  • Royal: Steve Young, CBI (Langford)