Report an Incident

Report Incidents and Feedback

Workplace Incident Report

Students on placement in BC are covered by WorkSafeBC. As required by WorkSafeBC, students complete a Physical Therapy student Health and Orientation Checklist within 48 hours of arrival at a site. Completion of this checklist shows that students are aware of safety procedures and have been oriented to that site’s safety procedures. Clinical educators will be asked by the student to sign the form to confirm orientation is complete. Students are then required to scan and return the form to the Department’s Clinical Placement Officer at

A workplace incident occurs when a student has seen a doctor or missed time from the placement as a result of work-related injury or illness. Reporting requirements in the event of an incident include: 

  • Students are required to start a claim with the WorkSafeBC Teleclaim Contact Centre (1-888-967-5377). 
  • Both the student and the clinical educator are required to complete an online report on UBC’s Safety and Risk Services website. 
  • The student and clinical educator must inform the Department of Physical Therapy that an incident has occurred. Email both  and

Critical Incident Report

A Critical Incident Report is completed when a clinical educator identifies safety concerns relates to a student’s competencies on clinical placement. This form offers an important framework for documenting safety concerns or ‘near misses’ while supporting communication and learning about the situation. Both the student and preceptor completes the form linked below and submits to the Associate Head, Clinical (

This form should be completed and submitted as soon after the incident as possible.