Qualify Your Clinic

Clinical sites in both public and private sectors may qualify their site to supervise Master’s of Physical Therapy (MPT) students. The pre-qualification process is required prior to sending your placement offers to the Department of Physical Therapy.

A qualified clinic has the following characteristics: 

      • Physical therapist(s) at the site have a current and full registration with the College of Physical Therapists of BC.  
      • Clinicians have a willingness to become Clinical Educators. 
      • Physical space exists within the site for a student to practice. 
      • A caseload can be shared with a student. 
      • A signed Student Placement Agreement with UBC. 

Benefits of becoming a clinical site can include: 

      • Professional growth for the clinical team. 
      • Exposure to recent clinical resources and evidence-based practice. 
      • Potential source of recruitment. 
      • Opportunity to become more involved with UBC and the Department of Physical Therapy. 

To get the process started, submit your Professional Practice Facility Profile. This profile is reviewed by the department’s clinical education team and is used to prepare a draft Student Placement Agreement. Once the agreement is finalized, the clinic will receive invitations to submit placement offers periodically throughout the year. 

For FAQs related to clinical placement sites, please click here. Please direct questions about the clinical site qualification process to pt.educators@ubc.ca.