Mentorship Recognition Award

This annual award recognizes the excellence of clinicians in the education, supervision, and mentoring of Master of Physical Therapy students. Winners receive an engraved award and are honoured at the annual PABC Physiotherapy Forum dinner each spring. The inaugural award was given in 2012.


This annual award is student-nominated. A maximum of three clinical educators (one for each placement level (levels 1, 2, and 3) will be awarded.

The deadline for submission is February 15 of each year.

Students who wish to nominate an educator can review the criteria and the online nomination form

Previous winners may be viewed here.

Please email with any questions.

2023 Award Winners:

Level 2: Katherine Callaghan
Lion’s Gate Hospital
Vancouver, BC
Level 3: Judy Sturgeon
Little Shuswap Physiotherapy
Chase, BC

Past Award Winners

Level 1: Jeff Jukes
Tall tree Physiotherapy & Health Centre
Vancouver, BC
Level 2: Rachel Oates
Victoria General Hospital
Victoria, BC
Level 3: PJ Lynd
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
Vancouver, BC

Level 1: Danny Phoenix
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
Nanaimo, BC
Level 2: Michelle Jacobs
BC Children's Hospital
Vancouver, BC
Level 3: Lauren Morrison
Kelowna General Hospital
Kelowna, BC

Level 1: Leah Taranger-Meinig
Dr. F.W. Green Memorial Home
Level 2: Catrien de Ruyter
Invermere & District Hospital
Level 3: Jacquie Peabody
Vancouver General Hospital

Level 1: Caitlin Dubiel
PRISM Clinic
Prince Rupert
Level 2: Prue Hicks
Queen Victoria Hospital
& Red Cedar Physiotherapy
Level 3: Angie White
Holy Family Hospital

Level 1: Ricardina Jara
Ponderosa Lodge
Level 2: Gina Galway
GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
Level 3: Kari Styles
CBI Health Centre

Level 1: Hyman Gee
Royal Columbian Hospital
New Westminster
Level 2: Regan Daoust
Prince George Child Development Centre
Prince George
Level 3: Jessica Dulong
Royal Jubilee Hospital

Level 1: Siobhan Ni Cheidigh
Vancouver General Hospital
Level 2: Joanna Gueret
GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre

Level 1: April Campbell
Clinical Skills Assistant,
UBC MPT Program
Level 2: Kerri Takasaki
Surrey Memorial Hospital

Level 2: Sarah Kavanagh
University Hospital of Northern
British Columbia
Prince George
Level 3: Nadine Nembhard
Instructor, UBC MPT Program

Level 2: Rowan Kimball
The Centre for Child Development
Level 3: Lone Ross
Rutland Physical Therapy

Ramsey Ezzat
North Shore Sports Medicine
North Vancouver