Virtual Delivery of Early Intervention Programs in BC (VEIP)

The Team:

Name Discipline Region 
Andrea Soo PT BC Centre for Ability (Vancouver) 
Angelina Woof PT UBC Dept of Physical Therapy (Vancouver) 
Carolyn Watt PT Interior (Kitimat) 
Colleen Barbalinardo PT Sundrops Centre for Child Development (Duncan) 
Joanna Felton SLP Sundrops Centre for Child Development (Duncan) 
Kim MacLeod PT Kelowna Child Development Centre (Kelowna) 
Mimi Simon OT BC Centre for Ability (Vancouver) 
Nadine Overhoff OT Northwest Child Development Centre (Smithers) 
Susan Duguid PT Share Society (Coquitlam/Tri-Cities)  
Colleen Zander PT Student UBC Dept of Physical Therapy (Vancouver) 
Jason Craig PT Knowledge Broker  
Alison Hoens PT Knowledge Broker  

Research leads: Dr Liisa Holstii and Dr Stephanie Glegg 

The impetus 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many clinicians providing community and outpatient services pivoted to using virtual platforms, including some of those working in Early Intervention Therapy (EIT) programs (for children aged 0-5 years) across BC. Moving forward, virtual services may play an essential role in increasing access to services and supporting family preferences in the delivery of the EIT programs.   


The objective

This PT Knowledge Broker facilitated project brings together PTs, OTs, and SLPs to:  

  1. learn about families’ experiences using virtual therapy services; and  
  2. identify and develop ways to support families and therapists with virtual care 


The process

The team is undertaking a survey and semi-structured interviews with families who have received their children’s virtual delivery of the Early Intervention Therapy program. The findings will guide the development of resources to support families and therapists in the virtual delivery of the EIT programs.