AECOPD project


The Practice Guideline Advisory Task Force of the Physiotherapy Association of BC identified in June 2009 the need for some form of guidance for BC PT clinicians with respect to the safe mobilization of acute medical and post-surgical patients. A group of content experts from the academic and clinical communities developed the SAFEMOB clinical decision-making tool to address this need. However, in the process of developing this tool it became evident that SAFEMOB could not adequately address the needs for safe and effective exercise prescription in Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (AECOPD). Hence, the AECOPD project grew from the SAFEMOB project. The AECOPD team, under the direction of Dr. Pat Camp, successfully secured funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research Knowledge Synthesis Grant for a 3 step process.

  1. Undertake a systematic review of the literature. This has been completed and published on an open access site:
  2. Undertake a Delphi process – a consensus building process involving researchers and clinicians from multiple disciplines, as well as patients and families, to provide recommendations in best practice in this area. The team also includes a group of    Master of Physical Therapy students from UBC.This is now completed and the data has been analyzed.
  3. Develop and disseminate a tool to guide clinicians in this area of practice. This is currently in process, using the information derived from both of the first two phases.

The team includes:

Dr. Pat Camp (UBC Dept of PT) *Principle Investigator
Dr. Darlene Reid (UBC Dept of PT)
Frank Chung (Fraser Health PT)
Dr. Dina Brooks (University of Toronto)
Dr. Donna Goodridge (University of Saskatchewan)
Dr. Marcy Marciniuk (University of Saskatchewan)
2011 UBC MPT students (for first phase of Delphi process): Paolo Macapagal, Debbie Kan,Colin Beattie, Taz il Yoon, Param Bakshi
2013 UBC MMT students (for evaluation of clinical decision making tool): Monica Jochlin, Mallory White, Lauren Courtice, Kira Frew, Kayla Forsyth

AECOPD project summary