Guidelines for provision of wheelchairs for progressive neuromuscular conditions

Currently, rehabilitation professionals in British Columbia do not have documented, evidence-based guidelines for the provision of wheelchairs for children and adults with neuromuscular conditions. The absence of documented guidelines may result in variation in prescription and training practices across the province as well as difficulty identifying where key evidence gaps could be filled by researchers.  A multi-professional, multi-agency guidelines group in the UK developed a consensus guideline document which appears to have potential for adaptation to the British Columbia practice and policy context.  The UK guideline developers have granted permission for a BC adaptation of the guideline document. Therefore, the objective of this project is to appraise, update and adapt the 2006 UK Best Practice Guidelines for Wheelchair Provision for Children and Adults with Neuromuscular Conditions.

The BC W/C Seating Guideline Adaptation Working Group (Seating GAWG) was assembled to review and adapt the 2006 UK Guidelines Best Practice Guidelines of “Wheelchair Provision for Children and Adults with Muscular Dystrophy and other Neuromuscular Disorders” for the BC setting. The guidelines are targeted to Occupational and Physical therapists who prescribe wheelchairs and seating systems for clients of all ages with neuromuscular disorders or provide training for wheelchair use.

Scope of work

  • Appraise the UK guideline, using the AGREE Instrument.
  • Evaluate, synthesize and incorporate evidence (from an updated, comprehensive literature review and local expert consensus)
  • Incorporate basic principles of seating provision for the progressive neuromuscular child, adolescent and adult.
  • Incorporate information appropriate for specific progressive neuromuscular disease(s) (Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy) as appropriate.
  • Ensure the updated guideline reflects the needs and practice environment of BC therapists.

Wheelchair Provision Guideline Progress Report January 2013

Wheelchair Provision for Children and Adults with Neuromuscular Conditions in British Columbia (v1 April 2014)