Skin and Wound Care Project

In 2009, a request was generated by the PABC Practice Guideline Advisory Task Force to provide guidance for clinicians in best practice for skin & wound care.

The BC PT Skin & Wound Knowledge Translation Committee (Nancy Cho, Sarah Rowe, Rebecca Packer, Michelle Jacobs, Rochelle Graham, Leah Keiffer, Leslie Hopkins, Emily Motyka, Heather Newsome, Angela Ng, Sondra Ng, Oksana Peczeniuk, Devon Tyler¸ Fiona Wright) focused on the following 4 objectives:

  • Increase the awareness of the role of PTs in the prevention & management of skin & wound care issues
  • Increase the number of PTs who undertake a basic risk assessment to aid in the prevention of wounds
  • Increase the number of PTs who utilize electrical stimulation for treatment of wounds
  • Increase the number of PTs who know where to find guidance and information on more advanced assessment and intervention techniques

Accordingly, the following steps were undertaken:

  1. To determine the current level of awareness of PTs regarding the PT role in skin & wound care issues & to determine the number who utilize basic and more advanced assessments & interventions

A survey was undertaken. The on-line questionnaire was distributed through an announcement in the CPTBC newsletter, PABC e-blasts and email via the Public Practice Distribution List. A total of 243 surveys were completed. The results are available on the website.

An awareness package, including post-it notes with targeted messaging about the role of PT with skin and wound issues, was distributed through PABC.

  1. To develop learning resources / adoption strategies to guide basic risk assessment, wound assessment & interventions for wounds.

The BC PT Skin & Wound Knowledge Translation Committee developed a 1 page tool for PT clinicians to guide the prevention (risk assessment), basic assessment and interventions for wound care. The Braden Risk Assessment Tool is the selected tool for risk assessment.

  1. To provide on-line learning resources to guide the use of electrical stimulation for wound care.

The BC PT Skin & Wound Knowledge Translation Committee, together with PABC, produced videos instructing (theory and practical) the utilization of electrical stimulation and ultrasound to treat wounds. These are available on the PABC website.

  1. To provide on-line learning resources, tools and links on advanced assessment and intervention for skin & wound care issues.

An inventory of resources was developed and posted on the PABC and UBC Dept of PT websites.

PTS&W Survey Results

PT Skin & Wound role & scope May 2010

BC PT pathway for Wound Care

US and ESTIM for wound healing

Occupational Therapy Skin Care Guideline Final July 08

PT Skin and Wound Supporting_Resources

For further information on the prevention, assessment and management of wounds please contact Nancy Cho (, Chair of the BC PT Skin and Wound Management Knowledge Translation Group.

To view recordings of (1) an oral presentation on the rationale and evidence for electrical stimulation and ultrasound for wound healing and (2) a demonstration of the practical application of electrical stimulation for wound healing, please contact the Physiotherapy Association of BC at