Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit

Achilles tendinopathy toolkit


This toolkit was developed by the Tendinopathy Task force:

Dr. Alex Scott, Dr. Joseph Anthony, Diana Hughes,
Michael Yates JR Justesen and Alison Ezzat. This toolkit includes:



Achilles Tendinopathy – Summary of Interventions: a summary of the strength of evidence, key messages and recommendations for practice for an array of interventions used by physiotherapists (manual therapy, exercise, ultrasound, low level laser therapy, shock wave therapy, taping, orthotics, night splints and braces etc)

Achilles Tendinopathy – Treatment Alogrithm: an algorithm guiding when to use each respective intervention

Appendix A Achilles Tendinopathy – Exercise Programs: a quick guide to prescription of exercises

Appendix B Achilles Tendinopathy – Low Level Laser Therapy Dosage Calculation: Low Level Laser Therapy Dosage Calculation: a guide to the calculation of dosage for low level laser therapy

Appendix C Achilles Tendinopathy – Details of Articles on Interventions: specific details on each article cited in the summary of evidence

Appendix D Achilles Tendinopathy – Medical and Surgical Interventions: a brief summary of medical and surgical interventions provided by physicians