Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker

Alison Hoens

Paul Blazey


Alison Hoens and Paul Blazey are Co-Physical Therapy Knowledge Brokers (PT KB). This position is jointly funded by the UBC Department of Physical Therapy, The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia and Arthritis Research Canada.



What is Knowledge Translation?

The Canadian Institute of Health Research defines Knowledge Translation (KT) as the exchange, synthesis and ethically-sound application of researcher findings within a complex system of relationships among researchers and knowledge users.  KT is critical in to reduce the gap between what is ‘known’ from research and what is ‘done’ in practice and to enhance the involvement of clinical practice in the research process. Consequently the PT KB role aims to facilitate both evidence-informed practice and practice-informed evidence. Key objectives of the PT KB include:

  • To build awareness of KT opportunities in the BC PT community
  • To engage stakeholders (eg. clinicians, opinion leaders, researchers, administrators, professional organizations) in collaboration to enhance knowledge translation.
  • To develop resources and capacity for ‘evidence-informed’ decision making
  • To incorporate evaluation to ensure accountability

How does a knowledge broker “fit” in the world of KT?




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