Knowledge Broker Position reports and presentations

PT KB Action Plan as of July 16, 2009 (word document)

Needs assessment – results (word document)

Needs Assessment Exec Summary

Practice Forum 2013 KB projects handout


CPA Congress PT KB presentation

CPA 2014 KB presentation Knowledge Brokering (Power Point)

PT KB 6 Mo report

PT KB Year 1 report

PT KB Year 2 report

PT KB Year 3 report Final

PT KB Year 4 Report

PT KB Year 5 Report

PT KB Year 6 Report Final 2016

PT KB Year 7 Report Jan 2017

PT KB Report 2019 Final

PT KB Report 2020 Final

Citation from an editorial about the KB role:
Hoens AM, Li LC. The Knowledge Broker’s ‘Fit’ in the World of Knowledge Translation. Editorial. Physiotherapy Canada..2014. 66(3) 223-4.