National Physiotherapy Month – 2024

In honour of National Physiotherapy Month, meet some of the outstanding physical therapists throughout British Columbia.

Physiotherapists are primary care professionals who work in a variety of settings, including rehabilitation centres, hospitals, community health centres, and private clinics in rural and urban areas.

Priya Raval

Registered Physical Therapist, Pelvic Physiotherapist

Prince George, BC

“The common conception about my work is that pelvic physiotherapy is just for women. Although pregnancy and postpartum concerns are commonly addressed in pelvic therapy, it is often thought that these are the only reasons people seek physiotherapy, but really it can be for anyone!”

Hyman Gee

Registered Physical Therapist, Clinical Instructor

New Westminster, BC

“Physical therapy gave me the opportunity to challenge my problem-solving skills in an applied science-based discipline and also to make a profoundly positive impact on people’s health and well-being.”

Karen Tugwell

Research, Education and Practice Coordinator for Physiotherapy

North Vancouver, BC

“I was always interested in the functioning of the human body. I also like that as a physiotherapist you have the flexibility to work in a number of different settings and areas of practice, with a variety of different individuals presenting with different conditions. I like that each workday is different from another.”

Corinna Ng

Registered Physical Therapist, Clinical Instructor

Vancouver, BC

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to work closely with other health care providers at my clinic to support our clients as a whole – not just their physical needs but their mental and emotional needs to achieve their rehab goals and support them beyond their time in the clinic.”

Gayatri Pawar

Registered Physical Therapist

Kelowna, BC

“Physiotherapy helps clients achieve their best possible function. Without physiotherapy, the world would be a tasteless meal… There is another quote which I love – Medicine adds days to life but physiotherapy adds life to days.”

Robert Busch

Registered Physical Therapist

Musqueam First Nation, Vancouver, BC

“Physical therapists can be very effective in helping with injury rehabilitation and prevention. With some of the elders that I see, physiotherapy can work wonders for strengthening and fall prevention.”

Braden Quest

Registered Physical Therapist

Nanaimo, BC

“We may all have limitations but we are not bound by them. It’s inspiring to see everyone from seniors to para-athletes push their boundaries and achieve heroic feats. What may seem impossible isn’t necessarily.”

Jordana Anderson

Registered Physical Therapist

Dawson Creek, BC

“One of the main questions we ask when a patient enters the clinic is: what are your past injuries, traumas or pain? If not a trauma, most pain and injuries that present themselves
are from compensations of past injuries.”

Keri Thibodeau

Registered Physical Therapist

Courtenay, BC

“Physiotherapists are in a privileged position to have the time to create meaningful connections with clients to work with them to optimize functional mobility. We play a vital role in helping maximize independence and quality of life.”

Karen Davies

Registered Physical Therapist

Vancouver, BC

“The most rewarding part of my job is working with children to promote functioning, fitness and fun in partnership with their families and providing opportunities for making friends and participating in their community (now and in the future).”