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303-531 Yates Street
Victoria, BC V8W1K7

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At NeuroMotion Physiotherapy we have chosen to supervise and mentor physiotherapy students throughout the year. We chose to take on students because we believe it is important to be mentors to others, support the learning of future therapists, and this also keeps us current with new physiotherapy practices being taught in school. We feel that we learn just as much from our students as they learn from us.

Supporting students means that more physiotherapists are educated about the potential to work with individuals with neurological conditions. It allows students to positively impact the lives of those with such conditions. We enjoy collaborating with the other physiotherapists and the kinesiologist in the clinic. We are fortunate to have a Lokomat in our clinic, pulley weights, an exercise class, exercise equipment, and our passion for the neuro field!

Site Details

Placement Category: 


Facility Type:

Private Practice

Patient population description:

Individuals with:
-Brain injury
-Spinal cord injury
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Parkinsons Disease
-Cerebral Palsy
-Paediatric conditions
-Balance problems
-Vestibular conditions
-Muscular Dystrophies
-Guillain Barre Syndrome
-Neuro-degenerative conditions
-Complex trauma

Physiotherapist expertise on site (special interests, degrees, certificates, etc.):

-Three of the four physiotherapists have taken the basic 3-week Bobath course
-Vestibular courses
-Parkinson's course
-Locomotor training

These types of learning opportunities may be available at this site:

-Home, pool, and gym visits
-Develop handling skills
-Develop exercise programs
-Client-based 1:1 treatment
-Weekly journal club with the Vancouver clinic

Possible Interprofessional opportunities at this site:

Liaise with other health care professionals who interact with our clients. Shadow with other health care members depending on student's interests (e.g., spasticity clinic, MS physio clinic, orthotist, OT, SLP).

For information on pre-placement requirements and orientation please refer to the specific health authority listing, found here.

If you need to update your current site profile please send an email with the updated information.