MPT-Fraser Valley Academic Site Lead

Roly is the Pain Stream Coordinator for the MPT program and is responsible for developing and teaching the majority of the pain science content throughout the program and also the clinical vestibular content.  Roly also assists in a variety of other areas of the program.  Roly’s teaching philosophy is to create a curious and comfortable teaching environment where instructors and staff can all learn from each other’s experiences.  He likes to challenge thoughts and paradigms in a respectful manner to improve students’ clinical reasoning.


As the Academic Site lead for the MPT-FV cohort, Roly has various leadership responsibilities and in association with the Associate Head for the MPT program, overseas the delivery of the program in the Fraser Valley.  
Roly is also the Hub Team Physiotherapist for Pain BC’s Echo Project; an interdisciplinary team sponsored by Doctors of BC and Shared Care to provide education and assistance to Family Physicians and Health Care Providers for complex patient care.  Roly also consults for the East Valley Pain Collaborative; a project ran by the Family Practice Divisions to improve the care of patients with complex pain in the Valley.  He previously also lectured for several years in the Practice Support Program for the Doctors of BC on Pain Management.
Fraser Valley Director Physiotherapy Association of BC (2018-2021)
Board of Directors for BC Balance and Dizziness Society
Member of Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA)
Member of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia
Member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
2021 Medal of Distinction.  Canadian Physiotherapy Association
2018 Clinical Education Award.  Awarded annually to one Physiotherapist in Canada who has made outstanding contributions to the clinical education of physiotherapy students (Canadian Physiotherapy Association)
2017 Excellence Award; Clinical Contribution.  Awarded to a Physiotherapist who has consistently demonstrated excellence in clinical practice (Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia)
2015 Favourite Physiotherapist (Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows The News ‘A-List Awards’)
2015 Excellence Award; Public Practice.  Awarded to a public practice physiotherapist leading the way in patient care, development of the profession or research (Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia)
2014 John F McCreary Prize for Inter-Professional Teamwork in the Health Professions (UBC)
2005 Capio-Pinehill Award for Highest Academic Achievement

Roly has mainly been a clinician and the majority of his time has been spent between clinical practice, teaching and consulting.  He is however interested in research around the perceptions of pain and how thoughts, beliefs and context change the pain experience.  


Journal Publications
Nathan Augeard1, MSc; Geoff Bostick2, PhD; Jordan Miller3, PhD; David Walton4, PhD; Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme5, PhD; Anne Hudon6, PhD; André Bussières1, PhD; Lynn Cooper7, BES; Nicol McNiven8, MSc; Aliki Thomas1, PhD; Lesley Singer1, MSc; Scott M Fishman9, MD; Marie Hoeger-Bement10, PhD; Julia M Hush11, PhD; Kathleen Sluka12, PhD; Judy Watt-Watson13, PhD; Lisa Carlesso14, PhD; Sinead Dufour14, PhD; Roland Fletcher15, MSc; Katherine Harman16, PhD; Judith Hunter17, PhD; Suzy Ngomo18, PhD; Neil Pearson15, MSc; Kadija Perreault19, PhD; Barbara Shay20, PhD; Peter Stilwell1, PhD; Susan Tupper21, PhD; Timothy H Wideman1, PhD. (2021).  Development of a Pain Management Competency Profile to Guide Canadian Entry-level Physiotherapy Education in Canada.  Canadian Journal of Pain. 
Fletcher, R. Braithwaite, F. Woodhouse, M. MacInnes, A. and Stanton, T. (2019). Does readiness to change influence pain-related outcomes after an educational intervention for people with chronic pain? A pragmatic, preliminary study. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.
Non-Refereed Publications:
Fletcher, R and Scott, A. (2018). Pain Science, Best Evidence? Directions, (Spring 2). Physiotherapy Association of BC
Conference Presentations:
Plenary Speaker: Fletcher, R.  (2017).  Rehabilitation of the Pain Client: Canadian National Pedorthic Symposium, Ontario.