Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Neurobiology of Motor Learning
Director, Brain Behaviour Laboratory
CIHR Delegate & Health Research Advisor to the VP Research
phone: 8227197

Lab Location

3rd floor T142a
UBC Hospital
Canada Research Chair, Neurobiology of Motor Learning


Currently, the majority of Dr. Boyd’s time is dedicated to research and to supervision of her graduate students and Post-doctoral fellows. In the MPT program she teaches Neuropathology (PHTH 512) as well as content that includes motor learning and neuroplasticity (PHTH 544).

Peter Wall Institute Early Career Scholar and Faculty Member

Member at Large: UBC Faculty Association 

Editorial Board Member: Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, Motor Control, Frontiers in Movement Science



Canada Research Chair and Michael Smith Scholar, Dr. Lara Boyd, is a physical therapist and neuroscientist who is leading the effort to understand what therapies positively alter patterns of brain activity after stroke. Her group uses a combination of functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation to map changes in brain activity. Her studies are among the first to comprehensively examine the patterns of brain activation as they relate to motor learning and parameters of practice after stroke. Please visit the Brain Behavior Laboratory website for more information

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