Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Research Scientist of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Arthritis Research Centre
phone: 7144105

Lab Location

UBC Koerner Pavilion 3rd floor
2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T1Z3

Dr. Whittaker will build up her teaching commitment over the next few years.

Activities and Memberships

– Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Member (1993-present)
– Journal of Orthopaedic and Sport Physical Therapy, Editorial Review Board (2006-present)
– Orthopaedic Division (Canadian Physiotherapy Association), Research Representative (2009-2012)
– Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Congress Planning Committee (2009-2012)
– Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Abstract Review Committee (2009-2015)
– Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Clinical Specialization Program Reviewer (2012-present)
– Osteoarthritis Research Society International (2013-present)
– Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis Versus Arthritis, Associate Member (2015-present)
– Alberta Health Services, Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network, Core Committee (2015-2019)
– Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association Rehabilitation Ultrasound Advisory Committee (2017)
– World Confederation of Physical Therapy, Congress Planning Committee (2018-2021)
– British Journal of Sports Medicine, Senior Associate Editor (2018-present)
– Organization for Co-operation and Economic Development (OCED), working group on patient-reported indicators for hip and knee replacement surgery, World Confederation of Physical Therapy representative (2018-present)


– Arthritis Research Canada
– Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis Versus Arthritis
– Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre

Dr. Whittaker’s research focuses on preventing chronic musculoskeletal conditions, with a particular emphasis on knee osteoarthritis resulting from youth traumatic sport-related injuries. Her work aims to improve patient outcomes through; 1) understanding the consequences of youth sport-related knee injuries, 2) optimizing healthcare pathways for youth that suffer a knee injury, 3) developing and evaluating interventions to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis after knee injury and, 4) optimizing function in persons that develop knee osteoarthritis pre-maturely as a result of an injury. A further interest is the application of diagnostic imaging in the management of musculoskeletal conditions. Her research has direct implications for the clinical management of individuals with sport-related knee injuries and has included the identification of common factors that mediate knee injury as well as the onset and progression of post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Central to her work is an integrated knowledge translation approach, involving patients and health professional throughout the research-to-practice continuum.

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