Awards, Scholarships and Grants

Department of Physical Therapy Financial Awards

Each year, the Department of Physical Therapy distributes financial awards to deserving students. The Awards Committee consists of faculty reps and an alumni representative. The Committee examines each candidate’s application and allocates the prizes accordingly. The following list briefly summarizes the awards.


Bursaries They are administered by the UBC Awards Office. Please note that as per UBC Policy #72, graduate students in professional programs, such as MPT, are ineligible for UBC general bursary support. The exceptions are bursaries dedicated to the School of Rehabilitation Sciences such as the Margaret Croucher Award and the University of B.C. Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Bursaries.


Scholarships These awards are based primarily on academic excellence, although factors such as character, school involvement, community involvement and athletic achievement may be considered. Students must fall within the top 10 of their class, or have obtained an average of 75% or higher, and carry at least 80% of a full course load.


Notification regarding awards With internally administered awards, the UBC Awards office informs recipients and organizes the cheque. With externally administered awards, the chair of the Department Awards Committee informs donors and recipients of the committee’s decision and ensures a mechanism by which the cheque is organized.


Application Process

In March of each year you will be given a listing of awards that are available to you for the year.  Awards which are based solely on marks do not require an application. Students are required to apply for most of the other awards.  There are no specific application forms unless stated otherwise. Carefully read the description of the award for which you are applying. This will indicate the criteria upon which the award decision is based. Write a letter to the Awards Committee explaining why you deserve this award. It is important to be specific when applying for an award and indicate how you meet the criteria for the award. Furthermore, please give examples to indicate how your performance or involvement in activities makes you a good candidate for the award. Identify in which year you did various activities. Do not include activities in which you were involved before entering the program that you did not continue with during the program. Incomplete applications (i.e. those missing part of the application, or those that do not contain the required number of copies will not be considered).

Please visit for specific award/bursary/scholarship amounts and deadlines.