Resources for Clinical Sites & Educators

Partnership with our clinical sites and Clinical Educators is the critical piece in our MPT students’ Clinical Education. We couldn’t do it without you!

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Would you like a template for signage to welcome your student at your site?

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If you would like make your own signage–for example, to align with your clinic’s branding–you are welcome to use this template as a reference.
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Building Safe and Supportive Learning Environments Module

Students may come to you to discuss potential mistreatment concerns about their learning environment. This module will introduce the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s student mistreatment policies and reporting process so that you can assist students in the health sciences requiring support. We will also provide resources for faculty to build safe and supportive relationships with their learners by fostering student resilience and well-being.

Clinical Education Amidst Clinical Challenges

As a clinical educator, you might be wondering whether it is a good time to be taking a student when you are learning and adapting to new approaches and protocols in your own practice. These FAQs offer some ideas to make clinical placements meaningful and manageable during these unique and turbulent times.

Guide to Level 3 Placement Learning Objectives

Includes tips to make clinical placements meaningful as students approach entry-to-practice.

Guidelines for Telerehabilitation in Clinical Education 2020

Most aspects of a clinical education experience during COVID remain the same regardless of whether the experience occurs in-person or using telerehabilitation, however, some aspects might differ. These guidelines aim to highlight these differences and intend to provide the Clinical Instructor and student with guidance for clinical education experiences that involve patient care using telerehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Management for COVID-19 in the Acute Hospital Setting: Recommendations to guide clinical practice


The following international guidelines are meant for Physiotherapists and other relevant stakeholders in the acute care setting caring for adult patients with suspected and/or confirmed COVID-19.

This document outlines recommendations for physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting. It includes recommendations for physiotherapy workforce planning and preparation, a screening tool for determining requirement of physiotherapy, recommendations for the selection of physiotherapy treatments and personal protective equipment.