Dr Jackie Whittaker & Justin Losciale were named to the Arthritis Society Canada’s list of Top 10 Research Advances of 2022

Original Article – Arthritis Society Canada announced the Top 10 Arthritis Research Advances of 2022

Dr Jackie Whittaker and Justin Losicale (PhD Candidate), along with the entire international OPTIKNEE team that Dr Whittaker leads, have been recognized by the Arthritis Society Canada as one of the top 10 research advances of 2022.

Dr Jackie Whittaker
(photo from Arthritis Society Canada)
Justin Losicale
(photo from Arthritis Society Canada)

Finding: Leading an extensive collaboration between 36 international clinical and scientific experts led to a consensus-based set of recommendations grounded in the best available evidence on how to optimize knee health after injury to prevent osteoarthritis. 

Future: Specific recommendations for clinicians will help guide the development and implementation of post-injury knee rehabilitation programs focused on patients’ needs. Recommendations for researchers will help prioritize and coordinate initiatives to address the most pressing gaps in existing knowledge on preventing post-injury osteoarthritis.