National Physiotherapy Month 2022

May is National Physiotherapy Month in Canada.

Physical therapists are primary care professionals who work in a variety of settings, such as rehabilitation centers, hospitals, community health centers, and private clinics in both rural and urban areas. This month,  physiotherapists in every province and territory have a chance to talk about their profession, and the many ways they are helping patients get moving.

From helping Canadians recover from illness to helping improve the flexibility, strength, and balance older adults need to remain independent and mobile, physiotherapy plays a key role.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association – National Physiotherapy Month 2022

This year, to mark National Physiotherapy Month, #NPM2022, we are highlighting the importance of our profession in an area that has been the talk of the town for the last couple of years. Long COVID. We want to share with you the many ways our professionals can help and support the recovery from Long COVID.

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