Statement on the Clinical Component of the PCE – UBC Department of Physical Therapy

The Department of Physical Therapy at UBC is very aware of the recent and ongoing issues related to the administration of the Clinical Component of the PCE, and the consequent stress and frustration that this has caused our recent graduates, as well as many others waiting to take the exam.

Although CAPR (the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators) operates at arms length to the universities, there has been significant and consistent communication between CCPUP (the Canadian Council of Physiotherapy University Programs, of which we are an active member) and CAPR throughout the last 18 months. The focus of this ongoing communication has been to represent our graduates’ interests, while at the same time offering assistance to CAPR in resolving the current issues. We are also committed (as are the other programs across Canada) to looking at the long-term needs in relation to the exam and to actively and fully participating in any quality improvement initiatives related to the licensing process. We will also continue to support our graduates in any way we can until these issues are resolved.