Meet Tamarah Nerreter: GCOMPT Graduate

Name and Title(s):

Tamarah Nerreter – MScPT CAFCI GCOMPT

Orthopedics, Sports, Pelvic Health (Pediatric, Male and Female), Pre /Post Natal, Concussion, Vestibular Therapy, Acupuncture, Visceral Therapy

Where do you work?:

I’m now an owner of my own company, a sole practitioner for now at BoDynamics Physiotherapy in Tsawwassen/South Delta (my home community) just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I also work twice a week with the Sungod Physiotherapy team (Tsawwassen location). I have a special interest in pelvic health and have been working in this field for 10 years now.

What is your favourite thing about your work?

As a practitioner, now almost 15 years into my career, I continue to really enjoy the diversity of our profession. Being able to work with different people daily, problem solves, assist them in their wellness and health and empower them to reach goals is so inspiring. I am also a curious being, so continuing to advance my learning through course work/interests but also learning so much from each individual is another ‘favourite’ of mine!

One thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

I have four children… yes on purpose! We always get the question, wow are they all yours!? Indeed they are, and truly a blessing. We learn so much from our kids, and they continue to bring me endless joy, laughter, immense gratitude and teach me so much about navigating life, with continued curiosity and wonder.

Most healthy habit:

My belief is our health is our greatest wealth. This is multidimensional, inclusive of physical, emotional, mental and of course what we put in our body for fuel. I am an avid runner, strength trainer and a lover of sport. I move for an hour every day… be it running, weights, yoga, road biking, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, surfing I love it all. And instilling these values in my kids is of utmost importance.

What was your favourite part of the GCOMPT program?

I really enjoyed the mentors/teachers who came and taught us their specialties. It was incredible to have highly experienced clinicians who brought their expertise to the table, to be able to ask them questions and share not only the evidence-based research but also share their clinical experience and pearls.

What is one new thing you learned during the GCOMPT Program?

I have never been great at teasing out the research – what is good, evidence-based and how to apply it clinically. I feel that I have advanced my skill in this area. I also feel 100% confident in the manual therapy/manipulation I deliver.

How did you learn about the GCOMPT program?

The incredible Carol Kennedy. I approached Carol for some advice regarding the completion of my ortho levels; I was very excited to learn that the GCOMPT was being offered and applied.

How do you think your new GCOMPT certificate will help you in your profession?

For myself, it was a huge achievement, something I was inspired to do some time ago. It is a certificate that I believe shows my commitment to improving and advancing my skills beyond my master’s level training, which in turn improves my clinical expertise and patient care. I have been able to blend my sport/ortho/manual practice with my long-standing pelvic health practice which has given me more opportunity to grow as a clinician.