Shaye Dezamit – Meet the first MPT-North Cohort

Shaye Dezamit

Hometown: Burns Lake, British Columbia

What inspired you to pursue your program?

Growing up I had many meaningful experiences with Physiotherapists who helped me with my injuries and greatly improved my quality of life. Understanding the impact that I could have on a person living a better life, inspired me to want to help others.

How has your experience in the MPT-North program been so far?

It has been an amazing experience so far. Being from the North and gaining experience in these communities was the ideal learning situation. I am honoured to be able to perform my schooling close to home, and in the area that I plan on working post-graduation. The leads up North (David Anekwe and Robin Roots) and the clinical skills assistants have been very supportive and informative.

Where are you hoping the MPT-North program takes you?

I am hoping that the Northern cohort gives me the opportunity to learn from many experienced physiotherapists in the Northern communities and allows me to work with a variety of clients to gain knowledge as to how I can provide the best possible treatment for my future clients. I aspire to have my career in the North and provide care to the individuals who need it.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

It is okay to lean on others. School is stressful and is mentally and physically exhausting. It is important to prioritize balance in your life and self-care. You can allow family and friends to give you extra support!

What was your first job?

My first job was as a summer camp counsellor with the Village of Burns Lake for youth aged 6-13 years old. I had to organize and run daily activities for them.

Favourite hobby or recreational activity?

Growing up in the Lakes District I spent a lot of time in the outdoors and on the water. I am very passionate about camping, fishing, hiking, and time spent in nature. It allows me to get out in the fresh air, clear my mind, and enjoy time with friends and family.