Meet Robbi Basran: GCOMPT Graduate

Name and Title(s):

Robbi Basran, Physiotherapist – MPT, BKin, FCAMPT, CAFCI, FDN (IMS), CSCS

Where do you work?:

Coast Performance Rehabilitation (Kitsilano)

What is your favourite thing about your work? 

Helping people reach a certain goal whether it be completing a 10km run or simply getting back to an activity they love. Moving beyond being “pain-free” and trying to show people the value of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their bodies for the future.

What is one thing we might be surprised to learn about you? 

I am a die-hard Liverpool FC fan! 

Most healthy habit:

Exercise. Weights/kettlebells, hiking, golfing, sprinting, I like to mix it up!

What was your favourite part of the GCOMPT program?

Two things. First, the quality of instructors and teaching assistants. We had plenty of time to drill various manual therapy techniques under the supervision of great local physiotherapists. Carol, May and the other instructors also provided us with plenty of clinical pearls and tips that were invaluable. Also, the techniques/methods/tests and general course content were all much more evidence-based and up to date. 

What is one new thing you learned during the GCOMPT Program?

Various spinal manipulations that I have applied in the clinic quite a bit since the program. 

How do you think your new GCOMPT certificate will help you in your profession?

The GCOMPT program provided me with many more techniques to help treat the body but it also helped me develop my critical thinking skills immensely. I think this has been the best takeaway from the program for me. It has helped me sift through information as I am working with a patient to come to a more accurate diagnosis and subsequently a more efficient treatment for them.