Celebrating One Year in Business – UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic

September 2020 marks the UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic’s first anniversary!

It is nice to look back from our grand opening to the end of the first year. In the past year, the clinic has grown and provides a wide range of educational and research opportunities for both learners and faculty, with amazing students and clients coming through the doors. Here is the announcement post from the Faculty of Medicine a year ago announcing the opening of the PTRC.

One year is a big milestone for any company, and we want to share a bit of perspective on what we’ve done over the past twelve months.

Students Lead the Way

At the UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic, we offer physiotherapy services with the most up-to-date, evidence-based approach, provided by a unique combination of clinicians and students.

The PTRC operates on a ‘student-led’ clinic model. Appointments will be run by or include students currently enrolled in the physical therapy program at UBC, under the supervision of a fully trained and licensed physiotherapist. Clients enjoy the luxury of enjoying an hour-long appointment with the students.

Virtual Appointments – COVID-19

As with other PT clinics, the PTRC had to switch to a virtual vare environment once COVID-19 hit. This change provided a learning experience for our staff and students who overcame many challenges as they navigated this new work environment. Virtual care has allowed us to assess and treat clients scattered across all of British Columbia.

We will continue to offer one-on-one virtual physical therapy service for new and existing clients if you prefer to receive physiotherapy care from the safety and comfort of your own home. Click here for more information.

Expanding Services

Our physical therapy team has experience and expertise in managing many conditions and to treat a diverse client population. We have expanded our provided services to include:

Manual Therapy
Sports Physiotherapy
Pre & Post Surgery
Concussion Rehabilitation
Exercise Therapy
FAME Program
Cancer Rehabilitation
Pregnancy & Beyond
Neurological Rehabilitation
GLA:D Canada

Research Opportunities

There is some exciting research happening at the UBC Department of Physical Therapy. The UBC Physical Therapy & Research Clinic will have the opportunity to leverage that knowledge and experience to create a positive learning and clinical experience for both the patients and students. Partnerships are underway to begin cancer rehabilitation research in the PTRC.

Valuable Feedback

In the past year, we have grown as a business and educational opportunity, with amazing students and clients coming through our doors. We always appreciate feedback, and we are happy to have received some great comments:

Affordable, professional, effective physical therapy that is located on the UBC campus. Although treatments are given by PT students in training, the quality is the same as professionals if not better. I would highly recommend anyone, especially UBC students, who have mobility and strength issues to give this UBC clinic a try!” – Client

“My time at the UBC PTRC was by far the best experience of the program for me thus far! Being able to increase my confidence and improve my skills while still learning something new every day was a very humbling experience, and I am incredibly grateful for my 5 weeks at the UBC PTRC. My only wish was that the placement was longer!” – MPT Student