Meet Kristie Mueller – GCOMPT Graduate

Name and Title(s):

Kristie Mueller MPT, B.Kin(hon), CAFCI, PT Sport Dip.

Where do you work?:

I work in the Dr Paul Schwann Center at the University of Regina. It is a private therapy clinic where I get to a variety of musculoskeletal issues, but most of my caseload involves the Sporting population, Concussion management and Vestibular Rehab.


What is your favourite thing about your work?

What I enjoy the most about my work is interacting with my clients and watching them learn from our sessions and then get better! The most rewarding part is knowing you made a change in their life.

One thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

I currently am a part-owner of the family Lumber yard. Yes, Lumber as in wood, not Lumbar. My phone’s autocorrect didn’t like how I started to write Lumber instead of Lumbar and people were confused when I sent them messages about the Lumbar yard.

Most healthy habit:

Regular Solid Sleep. I sleep really well. My bedtime is 10 pm, and my wake up time is 6 am, every day. Although my cat is part of the cause of waking up at 6 am.

What was your favourite part of the GCOMPT program?

The GCOMPT program was well put together, the online learning promoted independent research and prepared me for the time we had in person. I was also blown away by the instructors that we had online and in person. They were perfectly selected for their sections and were amazing at presenting what they were truly passionate about which helped me learn.

What is one new thing you learned during the GCOMPT Program?

Only one? I feel like it is impossible to pick just one new thing since I learned so much from the program regarding knowledge, current research and so many new treatment techniques.

The most valuable thing that I learned from the program was how to incorporate current research into my practice. This is something that we are told to do but not demonstrated in PT school, the orthopedic division or even during mentoring sessions, so this was a valuable aspect of the program. I plan to incorporate this into my clinical education and mentorship programs.

How did you learn about the GCOMPT program?

I knew that I wanted to take one of the clinical master programs to learn more manual therapy techniques and improve my evidence-based practice. I went looking to see what programs Canada had. I found on the CAMPT site a list of accredited programs, including the UBC GCOMPT program. I considered all three programs and what they offered but decided the UBC would be the best fit for what I was looking for.

How do you think your new GCOMPT certificate will help you in your profession?

I think the GCOMPT program not only improved my manual therapy skills but also my clinical reasoning. I know how and where to look if I have questions and feel confident incorporating something new into my practice. I believe with these aspects I can treat my clients better and provide them with superior care.

The GCOMPT program is great. Every aspect of the program was well thought out and it was put together in a logical sequence. For such a young program, it was so well executed. Carol Kennedy is an amazing lead instructor and program coordinator. The program was very enriching and it was a great decision to get my FCAMPT designation this way!