The UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic: Update

We are working full steam ahead on the development and opening of the new student-led clinic in the Department of Physical Therapy: The UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic. Renovations began in May with anticipation of clinic opening in July.

This fee-for-service Clinic will be owned and operated by the Department of Physical Therapy within the Faculty of Medicine to:

·         Provide an enriched clinical placement opportunity as part of the Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) Program at UBC.

·         Engage in research and collaborative relationships within the UBC community and nationally/internationally to advance physical therapy knowledge and practice.

·         Provide high quality affordable physical therapy care grounded in the best available evidence to service populations within the local community.

The Department has been fortunate to receive advice and input in the development of the clinic from the UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic Steering Committee; a highly committed group of PT’s with diverse clinical and entrepreneurial experience.  Hyman Gee, PT and Clinical Educator at the Queen’s Park Student-Led Clinic provides invaluable perspective around the logistics and educational considerations of supporting multiple students at once. Hiring for the Clinical Administrator Role for the Clinic is in process.

For further information regarding the clinic, please visit the website:

Or email Karen Sauve, Associate Head Clinical Education with any questions: