Roly Fletcher Taking Lead in Pain Science Curriculum


Meet Roly Fletcher. We are pleased he will join the Department on July 1 and take on a leading role in the pain science curriculum

I have my BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from the University of Hertfordshire. I also have a certificate in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Coventry, a Diploma in Sports Therapy from the University of Hertfordshire and a MSc (Dist.) in the Clinical Management of Pain from the University of Edinburgh.

Prior to my academic studies, I trained in personal training/strength and conditioning as well as gaining a vocational Diploma in Sports Massage. I started my early career working with a variety of athletes through UK Athletics, the English Institute of Sport and a National level Netball Team. I always imagined that I would spend my whole career in sports physiotherapy, but I was intrigued by the complexity of pain and the variables that modulated it. I attended one of Lorimer Moseleys ‘Explain Pain’ talks in early 2008 while he held a position at Oxford University and my interest in pain increased.

When I moved to Canada in late 2008, I worked in Public Practice and was the first Allied Health member to join the Surrey Pain Clinic where I was responsible for helping the clinic transition from a biomedical model of care to a biopsychosocial interdisciplinary team. I have been honoured to receive several awards related to my work in pain including the 2018 Canadian Physiotherapy Association Clinical Education Award, the 2017 Physiotherapy Association of BC Excellence Award for Clinical Contribution, the 2015 Physiotherapy Association of BC Excellence Award for a Public Practice Physiotherapist leading the way in patient care, development of the profession or research. I was also part of a team that was awarded the 2014 John F McCreary Prize for Interprofessional Teamwork in the Health Professions (UBC).

Currently, I have a small clinic in Abbotsford where I also do a lot of vestibular and concussion rehab.  I’m also on the Pain BC Echo Project Hub Team which is involved with providing web based learning and support for GP’s and clinicians that manage patients with complex pain.

I have been involved with lecturing and tutoring at UBC for several years now, slowly introducing more pain material into the program. I am extremely excited that UBC has created a position to look at implementing more pain material into the program and am looking forward to contributing to student learning in the Department over the next few years. I enjoy working with students as they are all so eager to learn and passionate.

My clinical and research interests involve how knowledge, thoughts, emotions and movement affect the pain experience. In my spare time I enjoy skiing with my wife and two boys, hiking with my family including our two German Shepherds, cycling & motorcycling (when I’m allowed to get out), craft beer and good coffee. I am also a very bad pianist.