Faculty and Staff Update


Clinical Professor and Knowledge Broker, Alison Hoens, has been named the 2018 Enid Graham Memorial Lecturer.  Alison will deliver her 45-minute lecture at Congress in Montreal, Quebec, during the opening ceremony on November 1, 2018.




Karen Sauve was the successful applicant for the position of Associate Head, Clinical Education (AHCE). Karen joined the Department as Instructor and Pediatric Stream Coordinator in 2016 and has been in the AHCE position in a temporary capacity since January. The Associate Head, Clinical Education is responsible for the oversight and support of the clinical placements for our two cohorts of 160 MPT students. Karen will also provide leadership to our exceptional clinical education team to assure our students and Clinical Educators have outstanding clinical experiences.


Karen is replacing Anne Rankin who is getting ready to enjoy retirement beginning this fall.  Anne has been with the Department serving in several roles since 2006.  She was in the role of Acting Associate Head – Clinical Education for the last three years.  Prior to that she has served as an Instructor, Course Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinator.  Anne also worked within the Oncology/Hematology/BMT Program at BC Children’s Hospital (1998-2013).



Anny Shen is the latest addition to the department’s administrative team, in her role as RHSC Graduate Research Program Assistant and Room Bookings Coordinator.   Anny will be providing enhanced support to the Rehabilitation Science Graduate Program students and Head. Additionally, she is taking on the coordination of room and equipment bookings for our department.  We have been very fortunate to have Anny working with us on a temporary basis since October 2017, and we are delighted to have her join our team permanently.