Private Practice Toolkit

The Private Practice Toolkit is being created as an online module. It is intended as a quick and easy resource for anyone involved in Private Practice interested in what it takes to have a UBC MPT student on placement.

It will review some of the most frequently asked questions, such as how much time is involved in supervising a student, what level of expertise a student can provide during given times in the program, does a student mean less income for a clinic, etc.

In concise information it will offer facts, suggestions and resources to enlighten private practice physiotherapists on the many benefits (for physio, clinic and student) of bringing a student in on clinical placement. It will address common concerns, such as scheduling a student, deciding on caseload and how much supervision is required.

The toolkit will be available on our UBC Clinical Education homepage as of the end of April. Drop by and find out more about it at our Clin Ed booth at the Physio Forum!