Continuing education course offering: Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Introduction

The Department, in partnership with the Northern and Rural Cohort and UBC CPD (Continuing Professional Development), is pleased to be offering a two-day hands-on, comprehensive, evidence-based introductory course titled, “Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Introduction.” The UNBC Physiotherapy Plinth Lab will host presenter Bernard Tonks, BScPT FCAMT, and the course will be linked to videoconference sites in Fort St. John, Prince Rupert, Terrace and Trail. A CPD Champion site host will be at each location as a course participant and to help with local logistics.
Dizziness and balance problems account for 10% of all physician visits and dizziness is the number one reason for physician visits by people over the age of 65. Although dizziness can be due to a variety of causes, a large percentage originates from the vestibular system, a part of the inner ear and the brain that helps control balance and eye movements.
Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based and manual therapy approach to relieve the symptoms associated with peripheral vestibular and central nervous system dysfunctions. This course will focus on the importance of vestibular rehab in concussion management and will teach evidence-based assessment and treatment techniques using case studies, practical time and videos.
We are excited to pilot this course in a distributed learning format and pave another pathway for future clinical courses in various regions of BC.

Registration via UBC CPD.