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Our new 2016-18 MPT Cohort was welcomed at an Induction Ceremony in September

Orientation Week 2016: New Beginnings for the MPT 1 class

As we prepare for our first midterms, it’s hard to believe that we began our journey as Physical Therapy students mere weeks ago. Our orientation was a whirlwind of workshops, networking and fun events. The upper-year MPT2s did a wonderful job of welcoming us to the program. We were treated to a welcoming potluck, academic and work-life balance workshops and a beach barbecue. Through these activities we formed friendships with not only our classmates, but with our upper-year colleagues too.

Perhaps the biggest milestone during our orientation was the Induction Ceremony to the profession of Physical Therapy. It was here we celebrated our acceptances to UBC and networked with experts in the field. It was inspiring to meet these experts and experience their passion for the profession first-hand. The Faculty of Medicine, the College of Physical Therapists of BC and the Physiotherapy Association of BC were present to celebrate with us during this event. We also received a tendon hammer as a symbol of our pledge into the profession

Throughout our schooling, we hope to embody the PABC vision of “Moving for Life” by pairing our academic work with physical activity. Multiple teams of recreational sports have been formed, gym buddies have forged and groups of students can often be found running the stairs of UBC’s Wreck Beach during lunch hour. While only a month into classes, we have begun to find our place in the unique community that is Physical Therapy in BC.

Shanna Graham,
MPT1 Class Representative, 2018 Cohort


Time is flying by for the MPT 2 class

First year came and went faster than expected. August 22nd, 2016, marked the day when we transitioned into our new roles as MPT2s! It was now our turn to welcome the new incoming MPT1 class during orientation week. Events such as a flash mob, potluck, Wreck Beach BBQ, and Amazing Race gave us a chance to bond while having some fun.

With two clinical placements underway, students have been able to gain valuable experience in areas such as acute care, neurological rehabilitation, and orthopedics. Many individuals attended local clinics and hospitals within the Lower Mainland while our Northern and Rural Cohort students were placed in locations as far as Fort St. John.

Our classmates have shown a keen interest in developing and refining their physiotherapy skills. The student-lead Ortho Club has provided individuals with the opportunity to learn from renowned guest lecturers. The talks have been very well received and have included topics such as cupping, manual therapy, and clinical pilates.

The physiotherapy students continue to strive to maintain our position as the most active healthcare professionals in British Columbia. As a group, we hiked The Chief, St. Mark’s Summit, and the Grouse Grind. The Northern and Rural Cohort participated in a group canoe expedition in Prince George. Additionally, many students take part in UBC intramural sports, forming teams for volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and dodgeball.

As our semester comes to a close, we are about to embark on our second year clinical placements. We are all looking forward to the opportunity to apply our clinical skills while working alongside our skilled physiotherapy preceptors.

Sarah Paterson, BScKIN
UBC Masters of Physical Therapy, Candidate 2017
MPT2 Class Representative, Physical Therapy Student Society