A bump for the UBC Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Bursary


In the spring of 2012, Clinical Associate Professor and alumnus, Nancy Cho (Class of 1982), was asked to kick off the UBC wide “Start an Evolution” fundraising campaign. Thinking of our students she felt we needed to top-up our Rehab Sciences Alumni Bursary. Because it was the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Bursary and she was celebrating 30 years as an UBC Rehab grad, she set an ambitious goal of $30,000. With much thanks and help from a lot of good people we have for the last four years chipped away at this and have now surpassed the goal.

The UBC Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Bursary was first established in 1982 by the Rehabilitation Student Council led by Nancy Cho as President.  Prior to 1982, all rehabilitation science students were provided a government stipend for their work in the hospitals while on their placements. This helped students with the costs of their education.  This government stipend program was discontinued for allied health professions in 1982, and the bursary was founded in order to assist students in financial need.  The first bursary of $500 was awarded the next year to the first recipient in 1983.  Currently, this endowed bursary is awarded to two students each year ($2200 each), one to a Masters of Physical Therapy and one to a Masters Occupational Therapy.

Nancy has been a longtime supporter of the Department and has contributed in many ways. In addition to her work on this bursary she served a vital role in fundraising for the renovations of the Friedman Building which allowed us to double our enrollment. She has also consistently held roles on both Department level and UBC level committees including that of President of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Division. Just after graduation Nancy began sharing her clinical expertise with students.  She has mentored many students and new grads in the clinical setting and has been a longtime classroom instructor on the topics of electrophysical agents & electrotherapeutic interventions, gerontology, and community orthopedic management.

Nancy has also made major contributions to our Profession and has been recognized in the past with the Physiotherapy Association of BC’s Leadership Award and UBC 75th Anniversary  Award; long term service with The Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, College of  Physical Therapists of BC, and Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

We would like to thank Nancy for her leadership on this initiative as well as for the many other contributions she has made to the Department and our profession over her career.

If you would like make a gift supporting this bursary or would like more information about other Department initiatives, explore our website.