First year students. twins, plaid, freaky Friday?

Orientation week was a memorable start to our Masters of Physiotherapy journey. On top of a whirlwind of informational seminars, the MPT2 class did an admirable job at welcoming us to Friedman High. Events included a potluck, Wreck Beach bonfire, and an Amazing Race!

Twin DayIt didn’t take long until the semester was in full swing. Long days of lectures followed by late nights studying meant that our class got to know each other very quickly. Each of us has been thankful for the support and camaraderie that our colleagues have provided. We never miss the opportunity to bring a little humour to the school week. Organized themes such as Plaid Day and Twin Day have brought lots of laughter. Freaky Friday, during which students came dressed as one of their classmates, was particularly hysterical, much to the confusion of our professors.

The MPT1 class recognizes the importance of carrying the torch as the most active health careWreck Beach Bonfire professionals in British Columbia. It’s not uncommon to see a group of MPT1s sprinting up the Wreck Beach stairs in between class, for what has been dubbed “Trail Tuesdays”, or even sweating it out together at the HotBox Yoga Studio on campus. On any given Friday, students can be found at the Hive Climbing Gym, playing a friendly game of soccer out on the UBC fields, gathering for a game of pick up hockey, or hitting the Whistler slopes.

The group has a knack for combining fun activities with our fundraising efforts, as we understand the importance of giving back to the community. The MPT Physio Phresh Team could be found donning pink bras for the CIBC Run for the Cure on October 4th, which raised funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. On February 24th, we happily celebrated National Cupcake Day with homemade baked goods, raising funds for the SPCA and Humane Societies. The UBC Run for Rural Medicine took place on March 19th, where all proceeds supported Hope Air, a charity that provides free flights for Canadians requiring transport to urban medical care centres.

As the semester comes to a close, students excitedly await for practical placements to begin in April. Locations range from as close as UBC Hospital to as far as Fort St. John. We are all looking forward to the opportunity to apply our clinical skills while working alongside our skilled physiotherapy preceptors.


By: Sarah Paterson, BScKIN
UBC Masters of Physical Therapy, Candidate 2017
MPT1 Class Representative, Physical Therapy Student Society