What is ‘Walk 10 blocks’?

If you think that it is just like any exercise app, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The ‘Walk 10 Blocks’ project is led by the patient/public groups (Arthritis Consumer Experts, Alzheimer’s Society of BC, and CARP). Their goal is to translate what is known about ‘physical activity for brain and joint health’ to the public. The idea was inspired by Teresa Liu-Ambrose’s talk at the 2014 Improving Cognitive & jOint health Network (ICON) meeting on the benefit of daily walking on health.  The project is supported by funding from ICON co-led by Linda Li and Teresa Liu-Ambrose from the Department of Physical Therapy along with Diane Gromala from the Centre for Digital Media, John Esdaile from Arthritis Research Centre of Canada. The project is led by Cheryl Koehn (ACE), along with Jennifer Stewart (Alzheimer’s Society BC) and Elise Kayfetz (CARP). Technical leads are the talented students from Centre for Digital Media, including Andrés Fajardo and Jonathan Lee. Scientific leads include Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Lynne Feehan, Alison Hoens and Linda Li.

This is a great example of how research partnerships with patients and public partners can lead to improved health.

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We all know walking is good for your health. Research shows that even walking 10 city blocks a day, equivalent to about 2,000 – 3,000 steps or 1 km, can help delay dementia and may help improve cardiovascular and joint health over time.

Arthritis Consumer Experts invites people to join the “Walk10Blocks” community and test the app.