Winning awards for international education program

IEPEP2The Department’s Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Exam Preparation (IEPEP) Program wins the 2015  Faculty of Medicine Award for Innovation in Continuing Medical Education / Continuing Professional Development.

The IEPEP Program supports Internationally Educated Physiotherapists (IEPs) through the most difficult of the Canadian physiotherapy licensing requirements – the national exams.  It was the first of its kind in Canada and it provides an exceptional Continuing Professional Development experience for its participants through innovative program delivery, development of novel teaching and learning resources, and a commitment to ongoing Program improvement and evaluation.

The IEPEP Program was developed in 2008  in partnership with the Physiotherapy Association of BC and the College of Physical Therapists of BC to help address significant job vacancies across BC and Canada. The IEPEP Program has incorporated innovative and creative approaches from the beginning, including a unique curriculum approach that aligns with the national examination blueprint, and the structure of the program which includes online resources, structured learning activities and ‘in-person’ events. The ‘in-person’ events have the dual-purpose of revisiting entry-to-practice content, while teaching exam strategies and approaches.

The IEPEP Program has fostered an ongoing program evaluation framework in order to ensure continuing relevance and excellence for its participants. Highlights from evaluations include the development of 23 Virtual Patient cases, a transition to a fully online written preparation program, and an extensive network of clinicians, invigilators and instructors with wide ranging expertise. The IEPEP Program is committed to expanding and providing support for IEPs throughout the Province especially in areas where there is a continuing shortage of Physiotherapists.  Using the existing program model, program administrators have planned and garnered local support to implement the practical program component in Prince George.