Another Success for a Clinician and Research Partnership Project

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Assistant Professor, Alex Scott was successful in obtaining funding from the UBC Chan Gunn IMS/Neuropathic Pain Research Fund.  Alex Scott’s research spans the spectrum from lab based cellular level studies to applied clinical research on tendinopathy treatment. Alex will team up with Lyndal Solomons to expand their pilot study of intramuscular stimulation (IMS) in the treatment of chronic midportion Achilles tendinopathy.  Lyndal Solomons is an experienced IMS practitioner. Lyndal has over  fourteen years of experience working as a physiotherapist, holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy and a Master of Manual Therapy and is also certified in the use of IMS. Lyndal maintains an active practice at two North Vancouver clinics, Canopy Integrated Health and Kinetic Rehabilitation.

Lyndal had an interest in research into IMS and had heard that the UBC Chan Gunn funding opportunity was about to be released.  At congress she initiated a conversation about IMS research with Karim Khan and he suggested she contact Alex because of his interest in this type of clinical research.  They were successful in obtaining funding in the inaugural competition and this along with some additional funding from the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada allowed them to begin a pilot study to determine feasibility of recruitment and the efficacy of their methodology.  This new funding from UBC Chan Gunn will allow them to continue recruitment, enlarging their study cohort and add an outcome measure examining the effect of intramuscular stimulation on tendon structure.

Recruitment is ongoing for this study, if you want more information contact Alex Scott 604-875-4111 extension 21810