Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier II), Physical Activity, Mobility, and Cognitive Neuroscience
212-2177 Wesbrook mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Lab Location

Aging, Mobility, and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Research Pavilion, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute 109
828 West 10th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9

Additional Lab

Aging, Mobility, and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, University of British Colombia, Point Grey Campus

T142C – 2211 Wesbrook Mall,
Vancouver, BC, V6T 2B5, Canada
Tel: 604-822-3428


work phone: 604-875-4111 ext:69059
fax: 604-875-5129
  • PHTH 526 Clinical Decision Making 2
  • PHTH 528 (Hip Fracture Prevention)
  • Associate Editorial Board Member for the British Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Editorial Board Member for Physical Therapy
  • Member of the UBC Brain Research Centre
  • Member of the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of the Physical Therapy Association of BC

Dr. Liu-Ambrose’s research laboratory, The Aging, Mobility and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, focuses broadly on defining the role of targeted exercise training and physical activity to improve the health and quality of life of older adults. In particular, our research program aims to optimize function among those most vulnerable to both physical and cognitive decline. Dr. Liu-Ambrose’s research has been featured by the New York Times, Globe and Mail, and Oprah magazine.

Dr. Liu-Ambrose is an investigator with the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility and the Brain Research Centre. Her areas of methodological expertise include randomized controlled trials, exercise prescription for seniors, falls prevention, and neuropsychological assessments.

Training Opportunities:

    Dr. Liu-Ambrose is currently accepting trainees who are interested in pursuing a MSc, PhD degree through the UBC Rehabilitation Sciences Research Program, experimental Medicine or Neurosciences. Those who are interested in post-doctoral training should contact Dr. Liu-Ambrose directl

  • The candidate will develop his/her research project in one or more of the following areas: clinical trials, falls prevention,neurobiology of mobility, and exercise neuroscience.
  • It is highly recommended that potential trainees apply for all possible external sources of funding (e.g., MSFHR, CIHR) and contact Dr. Liu-Ambrose well in advance to these funding deadlines.Interested? Forward the following information to Dr. Liu-Ambrose:
  • An updated CV
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • A one-page letter outlining your research experience and goals
  • Names of two academic referees*

1. Liu-Ambrose T, Khan KM, Eng JJ, Donaldson MG, Lord SR, Mckay HA. Falls-related self-efficacy has an independent effect on balance and mobility in older women with low bone mass. Journal of Gerontology (Medical Sciences), 2006; 61: 832-838.

2. Liu-Ambrose T, Khan KM, Eng JJ, Gillies GL, Lord SR, McKay HA. The persisting beneficial effect of resistance training and agility training on fall risk profile in older women with low bone mass: A 12-month follow-up. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 2005; 53: 1767-1773.

3. Liu-Ambrose T, Khan KM, Eng JJ, Lord SR, Lentle B, McKay HA. Both resistance training and agility training reduce back pain and improve quality of life in older women with low bone mass. Osteoporosis International, 2005; 16: 1321-1329.

4. Liu-Ambrose T, Khan KM, Eng JJ, Janssen PA, Lord SR, McKay HA. Both resistance and agility training reduce fall risk in 75-85 year old women with low bone mass: A six-month randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 2004; 52: 657-665.

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