Congratulations graduates 2013

The Department of Physical Therapy is proud to announce the 2013 graduating class, Master of Physical Therapy

Jeremiah Arnold

Alison Barr

Bethlena Bates

Ayli Berson

Jennifer Biegler

Lara Brady

Pieter Brautigam

Jeffery Brown

Jenna Brown

David Carter

Gary Chan

Krista Clark

Brianna Cochrane

Alison Coffrey

Shaun Crowell

Regan Daoust

Hanan Davidson

Lynn Dawson

Silvana Doria

Robyn Elliott

Lindsay Farr

Karen Forsman

Peter Francis

Sharaya Friesen

Keri Fuchko


Kelsey Grubb

Hussam Hakeem

Shayla Hall

Sarah Hamanishi

Brooke Hannela

Kristyn Harrington

Heather Hart

Jamie Hartwell

Joshua Harvey

Sarah Jury

Kulwinder Kalan

Heather Keep

Kang Yun Connie Lee

Mark LeGear

Tyler LeGear

Heather Leslie

Carly Lochbaum

Nicole Logan

Sarah Lowry

Levana Luu

Brooke MacGillivary

Emily MacHattie

Charlotte Mah

Eric Marriott

Amy Martens


Erika Massong

Derek Monkman

Susan Moriarty

Andrea Neufeld

Warren Nicholls

Sean Overin

Gilbert Park

Katherine Pauhl

Fraser Perry

Danielle Pontus

Dejan Preradovic

Chelsea Rieu

Natalie Sagle

Vickrant Sanghera

Jennifer Scott

Ashley Secrest

Scott Sevier

Karly Sutherland

Katelyn Weatherall

Jessica Willemse

Leo Willing

Geoffrey Wilson

Jennifer Woo

Kelvin Yeung

Shiyun Amy Zhuang

The convocation reception will be held Friday, November 29, 2013 from 11 am– 12:30 p.m. in the Life Science Centre.

Guest Speaker

Simone Gruenig
Clinical Instructor

Simone Gruenig graduated from the University of Ottawa (BSc) and the University of Toronto (MSc) – her research focused on high-risk thoracic patients and discharge planning. Her first job was in acute care in a major teaching hospital in Toronto. From there she moved to Vancouver and began work as an educational support physiotherapist to the acute care physiotherapy teams at VGH. There she instigated the unique 4:1 clinical placement model and was the catalyst in using patient simulation as an educational tool for the act of suctioning. In 2008 Simone started teaching in the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC, and she now is the primary cardiorespiratory clinical instructor. Simone also has a passion for international health, and in 2005 became affiliated with an NPO that supports a small children’s rehabilitation facility in Cusco, Peru. She has been able to teach and practice at this facility as well as support the facility’s need for equipment. In 2010 she began teaching post-graduate chest radiology courses throughout British Columbia and in 2012 started teaching these courses on a national level.

M.P.T. Class of 2013 speaker

Mr. Fraser Perry