Aboriginal ancestry admission policy

The Department of Physical Therapy and the Master of Physical Therapy program have a dedicated policy regarding applicants that self-identify as aboriginal.
Beginning with the application process starting September 2017, for entrance into the program for September 2018:

  • 5% (4 seats) of the Department of Physical Therapy entering class of 80 seats be set aside for qualified applicants of Aboriginal descent, and
  • Administrative support is provided to students of Aboriginal descent regarding financial information and campus wide services available to Aboriginal students.

In order to be eligible for one of the four reserved positions, applicants must:

  • Meet all of the eligibility requirements.
  • Be a Canadian citizen who declares him or herself to be of Indigenous descent (First Nations, Metis or Inuit). Proof of ancestry is required at the time of application.
  • Undergo the interview process and meet minimum standards.


The selection of Aboriginal applicants for the Department of Physical Therapy will be made by the Aboriginal Admissions Subcommittee of the MPT Admissions Committee. This subcommittee consider all Aboriginal applicant files in order to determine applicants to be brought forward for an interview. Applicants will go through the normal interview process but will be interviewed by a member of the Aboriginal Admissions subcommittee on at least one of the MMI stations.

Prior to the final MPT Admissions Committee Cohort Selection Meeting, the Aboriginal Admissions Subcommittee will meet and rank successful candidates, making recommendations for candidates for the maximum number of spaces allotted (4). At the final MPT Admissions Committee Cohort Selection Meeting, all candidates, including Aboriginal candidates, will be reviewed for admission. Aboriginal candidates may be admitted through the general selection process or through recommendation by the Aboriginal Admissions Subcommittee. The MPT Admissions Committee has the ultimate responsibility to accept or reject any candidate.

Students must meet all evaluation requirements in order to obtain the Physical Therapy degree.

Required documents

If applicable, acceptable proofs of aboriginal ancestry, including:

  • A photocopy of a Indian Status Card or Tribal Enrolment Card, Métis Membership/Citizenship Card, Inuit or Inuvialuit Tribal Corporation Number or Inuit Registry
  • A letter from an official representative of the applicant’s First Nations band, treaty, tribal, or traditional council, Inuit land/territory organization, Métis settlement or community organization, or a recognized Aboriginal organization
  • Another form of identification that is deemed acceptable with consultation from the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health.

If you do not have any documentation as listed above, you must contact the Physical Therapy program directly to discuss. You must contact via email and the deadline will be November 1 for the year you are applying, ie you must contact before November 1, 2019 if you are applying for entrance beginning September 2020. Emails must be sent to mpt.studentadvisor@ubc.ca.