CBI Health Centre – Langford

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204 - 940 Goldstream Avenue
Victoria, BC V9B 2Y4

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CBI Health Centre, Langford is located on the outskirts of Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island is located next to the mainland coast of BC and is separated from Vancouver by the Strait of Georgia (east) and from Washington State by the Strait of Juan de Fuca (south/southeast).

Victoria is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Greater Victoria covers an area of 695 square kilometres and has 48 regional, provincial and federal parks, totaling more than 7,600 hectares. Victoria experiences the mildest climate in Canada, and Greater Victoria is one of Canada's driest areas, having an average snowfall of only 25 cm and average rainfall of 592 millimitres, which is less precipitation than Vancouver or Seattle. The winters are typically mild and rainy and the summers cool and dry. Daily temperatures rise above 30°C on an average of only one day per year and nights fall below -5°C only on average of two nights per year.


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Private Practice

Patient population description:

CBI Health Centre in Langford provides treatment for patients with orthopaedic and neurological injuries. The clinic runs services for both private patients and program patients, including Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Services, and Occupational Rehabilitation.

Physiotherapist expertise on site (special interests, degrees, certificates, etc.):

There are physiotherapists with a wide variety of advanced training skills including manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, acupuncture and chronic pain treatment.

These types of learning opportunities may be available at this site:

Students working at CBI Langford will be given the opportunity to work as part of a multidisciplinary team, working with both acute and chronic injuries. There is an opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of patients including WCB, ICBC and private clients. There is a strong emphasis on manual therapy, exercise and patient education within the treatment team.

Possible Interprofessional opportunities at this site:

The multidisciplinary approach at CBI Health Centre in Langford focuses on a variety of aspects of health and is home to physiotherapists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, registered clinical counselors and administrative staff.

For information on pre-placement requirements and orientation please refer to the specific health authority listing, found here.

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