Total Joint Arthroplasty and Outcome Measures (TJAOM) Toolkit

Please note that the Total Joint Arthroplasty and Outcomes Measures (TJAOM) Toolkit is currently under revision to reflect recent evidence.

TJAOM Toolkit Update Team: Marie Westby, Jane Burns, Melissa Idle, Clyde Smith, Aman Bajwa, Kelly Kavanagh, Jill Kipnis, Lauren Welch, Chiara Singh, Wing Ting Truong, Tony Hui, Carmen Bedard-Gautrais, Paul Blazey, and Alison Hoens.

The Total Joint Arthroplasty and Outcome Measures (TJAOM) toolkit received the 2016 Arthritis Health Professions Association’s Clinical Innovations Award.

Orthopaedics_jpgThe TJAOM Knowledge Translation Task Force (Dr. Marie Westby, Ronda Field, Maureen Duggan, Dolores Langford, Robyn Laytham, Steven Longstaff, Phil Sweeney, Lauren Welch, Alison Hoens) is pleased to share with you the TJAOM toolkit.

The purpose of the  toolkit is to provide clinicians with outcome measures appropriate for use along the continuum of care for patients before and after total joint arthroplasty.

Outcome Measures For TJA – Guide to using the TJAOM Toolkit Final Jun 2014

Recommended Outcome Measures along the TJA Continuum Feb 2016

Summaries of outcome measures:

Outcome Measurement Glossary_Revised
This glossary contains definition of the terms and abbreviations used in the summaries of outcome measures below.

TJA OM Summary Stair Climb Test May 2015 TJA OM Summary-6 MWT Dec 2014
TJA OM Summary-30s CST Apr 2014  TJA-OM-Summary-Functional-Reach-June-9-2014
 TJA OM Summary-Gait speed Apr 2014 TJA OM Summary-HOOS Apr 2014 
TJA OM Summary-KOOS Apr 2014  TJA OM Summary-LEFS Jun 6 2014
TJA OM Summary-NPRS Apr 2014  TJA OM Summary-Single Leg Stance May 2015 
TJA OM Summary-TUG May 2015  TJA OM Summary-VAS Pain June 2014 

Discharge letter template and appendices

 Discharge-Letter-Template-and-Appendices-July-14-2014-FINAL How to use the TJAOM Discharge Letter Template July 13 Final

TJAOM Online Learning Modules are now available

The TJAOM online learning modules provide the key points (with videos) about 12 patient-reported and performance-based outcome measures recommended for patients with total joint arthroplasty.

In order to access these modules please follow this link ( and fill in the requested details.  An account that provides unlimited free access will be created for you within seven (7) days.

Other supporting resources


TJAOM focus group summary

Survey results have been published in Physiotherapy Canada:
McAuley C, Westby MD, Hoens A, Troughton D, Field R, Duggan M, Reid WD. A survey of Physiotherapists’ experience using outcome measures in total hip and knee. Physiotherapy Canada. 2014. Physiotherapy Canada.2014. 66(3). 274-285

Delphi summary document

Spring 2016 newsletter update on TJAOM