Helen completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University, where she also played on the university ice hockey team. She followed this with a Masters in Clinical Human Anatomy at The University of Western Ontario, before deciding she wanted something a little more “hands-on” and completed her physiotherapy degree at The University of British Columbia.

Since finishing physiotherapy school, Helen has pursued post-graduate training in spinal, upper and lower extremity manual therapy, mobilization with movement, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (to screen for injury risk) and anatomical neuropathic intramuscular stimulation (aka functional dry needling).

With an athletic but also injury-filled background, Helen understands the frustrations which accompany an injury. Helen emphasizes individualized treatment plans combining manual therapy and effective exercise prescription to help her patients return to doing what they love. This is then coupled with movement pattern analysis and re-training to help prevent further injury. Outside the clinic, Helen can be found exploring British Columbia on foot, bicycle or skis and volunteering with her local marine search and rescue group.

Helen is a supervising physical therapist in the Physical Therapy and Research Clinic. As this is a student-led clinic, physiotherapy assessments and treatments will be conducted by the students, under the supervision of Helen and Sally.